Friday, February 27, 2009

The Fallen One

I decided to tell another old story of mine that should fit well with Alice's description of dragons from last week. This will be one of my strangest Fiction Friday stories yet. I have to warn you that this story gets a little scary, but it's incredibly stupid too, so even any kids should be okay with it even if it scares you a little bit. Just remember that the only things here that are real are my pictures.

Fiction Friday

I began my journey late in the day, with the shadows lengthening on the ground. Maybe it wasn't the best time to go hiking on a nature trail, but I really wanted to see what was out there. My curiosity was greater than my sense of danger.

I crossed a long bridge into a dark part of the forest. I looked around and saw that there was no one else about. I usually like that, but for some reason it made me feel uncomfortable. I figured it was nothing, and kept going on my way.

I made sure my camera was ready. I wanted to get some good pictures today. I've been getting a lot of photos of animals lately. I wondered what I'd run across today. Maybe I'd see a bear or something. Heh Heh.

It's strange, the further I went along the nature trail, the darker and darker it got. I also started to notice the lack of any animal life. What would I do if I didn't see any forest creatures? Well, I'd just have to find something else interesting. It shouldn't be too hard.

In the darkest part of the forest, I heard a long, deep howl. It sounded almost like a cross between a human and an animal. I'm not sure what made the sound. I just knew that I didn't want to meet it.

What should I do now? I was too scared to think. The only thing I could do, was to keep moving forward. That was now the shortest way back out of here. So I continued on, and my fear began to subside.

The sound didn't seem to be coming from close by anyway, so maybe I was safe. Maybe it wasn't so bad here after all. Hey, look at that rock. I'll take a picture of that. It's a nice interesting landmark out here in the wilderness. I stopped, and began taking the pictures, when something really strange happened.

A light shined down from... somewhere. It was a cold, harsh, blinding light. It was like standing in the center of a lightning bolt. It made me afraid to go on, but I couldn't go back. I had to make it past this sinister light, to continue my journey and make it out of this dark forest.

But as I stood there in the light, all sorts of whispered thoughts came into my head, 'Give in. It'll be so easy. The light is what you want. Believe in the light. It will change your life forever. The beast will show you the way.' I resisted these foreign voices and urged myself forward.

As I moved past the light, I came upon something rising up from the earth. It was a young dragon, getting ready to spread it's evil wings for the first time. I've seen dragons before, so I knew what this was. These beasts were evil eating machines, and they hated all things human.

I tried to hide, but it knew I was there. It turned towards me and spoke, "Hello Ratty."

I was now completely terrified. I said, "How do you know my name?"

"I know you, Ratty" it said. "We have met you before. You were once offered a golden apple while you were on one of your journeys. Why didn't you eat it when it was offered to you?"

"Everybody knows not to eat strange fruit! It's one of the first lessons we learn." I said.

"You're quite wrong," he said. "Many others have eaten the fruit, and they now believe it will change them forever. Go ahead and eat it! Everybody else is doing it."

"Well, maybe if everybody... No! How does it change them?" I replied

"What does it matter? Just eat one! You know you want to! Everybody wants to! Who are you to go against everyone else?" the dragon angrily said.

I answered quickly, "I'm not everyone else! I'm me. An individual. I have my own thoughts, feelings, and opinions. And I do what I want, when I want. Just because others do something so foolish doesn't mean I need to do the same. Why do you want me to eat that fruit so badly? How will it change me? You still haven't answered that one."

The dragon was now seething with rage. Even so he calmly replied, "If you plan on writing about this encounter with me, I'm going to mess it up. I'll ruin it so you can't recover. You'll learn not to disobey me. All of my enemies will learn. Each one in a different way. Some lessons will be harsher than others. Soon I will spread my evil fruit across the world, and no one will be safe. It will paralyze them so my brothers may feed. You are all doomed!"

With that, the dragon spread his wings, and leaped up into the sky. He was soon far out of sight. As I stood there watching, I realized my blood had run cold from the experience, but I was sweating profusely. I had to do something.

I started running towards the exit. I had to warn everybody! They were all in danger! But wait. Who would believe me? They would all say I was crazy. I know... I'll write about it on the internet. What could go wrong with that?

That was going to be the end of my story, but since then, all sorts of strange things have been happening. The evil dragon has messed up this post several times, in an effort to silence me. I'm sure the dragon had to be the one responsible.

Now in my haste to warn you all, I can't clearly explain what happened. But believe me, we are all in danger! If you come across a strange beast offering you something remarkable, don't take it! It will doom you forever! Ask what it really is that the creature is giving you. Heed my warning! We are doomed! Doooooomed!

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  1. 42 indeed! I'm being careful and will spread the message of 42

  2. It is an interesting post!!
    I love that evil dragon, not because I love evil, but becuase of the evil I manage to see another better side.
    By the way, I prefer to hike in the morning, the day will get brighter and brighter whereby it is completely opposite for the evening hike.

  3. I loved that story. When I first saw the lights in the photo, I thought perhaps you had encountered a space ship but a dragon, wow, that's cool and scary because it sounds as though it was not a very nice dragon at all. I'm glad you're okay and if the dragon tried to mess up your post, it didn't work because it was a fantastic read.

  4. Ratty? Is that real cobra snake? :o

  5. Mother Goose - 42 is the key to it all. I'm not the only one who knows of 42. 42 is an ancient puzzle. Do a Google search for 42, and you'll begin to understand.

    Rainfield - Yes, seeing the evil makes it easier to see the good. I try to hike in the morning, but I usually have to wait until the afternoon.

    Mountain Woman - What's funny is that the light was very real, while the dragon was obviously just for the story, but the picture does still exist. And the part about the post being messed up was actually real too. I had some really strange problems with this post.

    Vanilla - Actually, it was only an old tree branch. It looked a lot like a snake though. Luckily we don't have cobras here, it's too cold for them. But we do have rattlesnakes.

  6. Interesting, exciting and though a bit scary it got the adrenaline going. Loved it!!!

  7. I first thought there is no special meaning behind this 42. Thanks for your clue. Google serach tells me a lot which I'll continue to read after this.

  8. I was riveted and came away from this thoroughly entertained. Thank you for such a nice diversion!

  9. Jodapoet - I'm really happy you liked it. I've been nervous about this one, because I did have real computer problems while I was writing it. As a result, it became a different story than I originally intended.
    Rainfield - I'm glad you did the Google search. Doing the search makes this story much more interesting. And the things you find with it are even stranger than what is in the story.

    GrottoGirl - Thanks. I try to make my little stories like fast food for the mind. They're not great art, but they're satisfying in a quick way.

  10. Ratty- This is your best story yet! Keep 'em coming.

  11. Sharkbytes - Thanks. I like to write these sinister type of stories, so there might be more like this.