Sunday, December 28, 2008

Fairy Snow

The other day when I was out back looking at the animal tracks behind my house, I took a few other pictures as well. I mentioned in that earlier post that it had been snowing then. Now that I know how to capture falling snow with the camera, I do so whenever I can.

I was done looking at all of the tracks in the snow, and ready to head back to the house, when I had the idea to get some more snow photos. I didn't really intend to post them here, because I've already shown some very good photos of falling snow before. But as I took the pictures, I soon realized that even a pictures of snow can be unique and interesting.

When I looked into the view screen of the camera I noticed that it was capturing the snow in kind of a strange way. Maybe it was the type of snow that was falling. The temperature can effect the size and shape of the snow, so maybe that's why these photos were different than my others.

Instead of the harsh, almost angular, streaks of snow that I've shown before, these that I show here now look like delicate orbs of light, that brightened this dark and gloomy day. I couldn't really see the snow in this way with my eyes. I needed the camera to bring out this magical looking scene.

Years ago I remember seeing pictures from a movie, of fairies flying around in a magical field. They would flit about everywhere, while the people stood there enraptured by what they were seeing. The whole scene looked a lot like these pictures. Even the falling snow resembled those fairies. Seeing these photos of mine, I began to understand what those people might have been feeling.

I began to feel as if there was magic all around me. This was only out behind my house, but I started experiencing that total feeling of peace that I only get out in nature. Where I was standing, I was surrounded by trees, and I couldn't see any houses or civilization. I was all alone!

I didn't want to leave this place now, but I knew I had to do it. Also, I didn't want to walk back through that deep snow. It was hard enough getting back there, it wasn't going to be much easier going back. I knew I had to go anyway, so I turned and started walking.

Then I saw the strangest thing of all! It was more tracks in the snow. I'm not going to reveal exactly what kind of tracks I saw today. I'll tell you all about them tomorrow. Who knows? It might even be entertaining.

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  1. You are telling stories that I have not experienced before.

    You have seen what exactly a fairy had seen.

  2. I think you were feeling Hypothermia :)

    The magic melted here overnight. The temperature went to 60 F. and the wind is threatening to knock out the electricity. I knew I should have gotten pics of the Hoarfrost on stuff yesterday.

  3. Rainfield61 - I guess maybe the camera saw what a fairy had seen.

    WiseAcre - Maybe just a little.;)

    The same exact thing happened here, but I haven't been very lucky. As soon as the wind started, my power went out. I'm not at home right now, until the electricity comes back, so the posts are a little on automatic. I had some great photos to show of all the melting ice, but it'll have to wait a few days.:( The good thing is that I have a good one for tomorrow, and later I'll be showing stuff from the storm.

  4. Hope to get more posting in this winter wonderland

  5. Kruel74 - One more and then the snow all violently melted.