Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A New Discovery At The Pond

I found one of the great benefits of fall today! There is a pond at the back of the Woodland Hills Nature Park, where I like to go hiking sometimes. I like to go back there and look out at it from every direction I can. Now I found something completely new.

If you look toward the top of the picture, you'll see that there is another section of the pond. Right in front of me is a small path leading right to it. During the summer, and the first part of fall, this path didn't exist, because there were all of these weeds growing there. In fact, you couldn't see the other section of the pond very well either.

I've never seen that other end of this pond up close before. It was always inaccessible. There wasn't a path to it, and I couldn't find any other way to get over there. And I really didn't want to try to wade through some head high weeds to get there. So every other time I came here, I stayed on this side of the pond wondering what might be over there.

There are clear defined trails in these nature parks that I go to, and I recommend that if you go to a place like this that you keep to the trails. There are things like poison ivy and snakes beside some of these paths. Even though I didn't think I should go, that new little path in front of me was calling my name, begging me to follow.

I think it was maybe a foolish move to go, but I have always wanted to know what was over there. What does it look like over there? What does it feel like to stand on the other side of the pond, and look back to the place I came from? I needed to see what the pond was like over there.

So I looked around to make sure no official type people were anywhere near, and I took my first step in that direction. After all, I'm The Everyday Adventurer, and this was a new adventure wasn't it? When I got there, I did see something. Tomorrow I'll be back to show you what it was.

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  1. that is a cool find. I love it when that happens.

    Also thanks for stopping by my page. I like yours too, a lot in common.
    I also wanted to let you know that I am up for a Blogging Scholarship, but it is competitive. I hope to find more people like you who enjoy urban nature.
    here is my latest posthttp://urban-science.blogspot.com/2008/11/i-blog-for-science-blogging-scholarship.html I would appreciate your support.

    P.S. You moniker is interesting. The lead character in the "Wind and the Willows" name was Ratty, but he was actually a vole -- the rodent species I study. neat, huh.

  2. Thank you both for visiting! I really like both of your sites.

    I'll make sure I look at your scholarship post, DNLee. I've never read Wind And The Willows, but now I'm extremely curious. I'm not really a rat either ;)

  3. heheh..see, people curious with your nick Ratty..:) same goes to me when the first time i saw your nick.

    by the way, nice photo you have. thanks for visiting my site as well.:)

  4. Hi Rose. Ratty was the name of my imaginary friend from when I was a very small child. I still remember what the real Ratty looked like. I'm not even sure where the name came from.

    Thanks for visiting my site too. I liked your site the very first time I saw it. :)