Saturday, July 5, 2008

What I Found

Peaceful River
Well, after several other forks in the trail, that led nowhere, I found the end. I thought of turning back several times, but I had a feeling there would be something special here.

Oh man, was I right. There were some low hanging trees and some bushes blocking the view right up until the end. When I went through what looked almost like a doorway, this is what I saw. It opened up right on the edge of this river. This is a beautiful place. I could spend all day here.

As soon as I stepped out, a deer that was taking a drink, ran across the river and out of sight. I was too slow to get a picture. I walked up the river bank to where the deer was, and saw two more in the woods. I was too slow for them too. Now, I really want to get a picture of a deer.

I did find out that the animal sounds I was hearing were coming from these three. Now I know what sound a deer makes. This place and three deer. What a great day!


  1. I'm always too slow to take pictures of wildlife, except caterpillars, slugs, etc! I saw a kingfisher a couple of weeks ago and didn't even have chance to get my camera out. I've seen foxes, deer, squirrels and even a stoat, without a single picture to show for it.

  2. John - Most of the time I'm too slow too. The animals in my photos pause long enough for me to get them. It also helps that I've been relentlessly pursuing them. But I think I've been getting better with practice too. I get animals that were impossible six months ago.