Saturday, November 15, 2008

Geese, Rain, And Dead Batteries

For the last two days these geese have been gathering in my backyard, and this is the only picture I have of them. Yesterday I was too busy, and I had to leave for a while. I didn't get back until after dark. I wanted some pictures of these birds, and I knew they would be around for a few days.

Today it was raining, but when I looked out there I saw that the flock had grown to maybe forty geese. Even though I had to leave, I figured I should probably get a few pictures to show how many there were. I was watching them out there, and they seemed to be having a good time. Some were wandering around, some were eating something in the grass, and some were even laying down to rest. They seemed completely oblivious to the downpour!

I watched them there like this for a minute, and then decided to go out there. I went out in the rain trying to decide where the best place to be was. The geese didn't seem to mind me being there, they never do, so I walked right into the middle of this big flock of geese. I raised my camera to start taking pictures, and then disaster struck!

I got exactly one picture and my camera battery went completely dead. The camera shut itself off. I tried to turn the camera back on, but it did no good. All I got was a message that said to change the batteries. I stupidly looked at the battery compartment, and thought about changing them. I began to search my pockets for more, but then I remembered that they were back in the house.

As I realized all of this, it dawned on me that I was going to attempt to change my camera batteries in the middle of the pouring rain. I was in such a hurry that I wasn't thinking straight at all. So I decided that maybe I should put the camera away for today. I was in a hurry to leave anyway, so I ended up with just this one lone picture of the geese.

After I came back home, I looked at my camera sitting there on the table, and remembered my picture. I at least had this one. Now you do too. The only picture from a rainy day of geese and dead batteries.

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  1. Great story and I love the geese.

  2. Thanks Jodapoet, I'm glad I even got the one picture :)

  3. Geese are great subjects to photograph aren't they? Sometimes I have to take around twenty pictures of these guys to get a couple that I like. For me, at least, patience is key.
    Glad you were able to pull of such a shot in just one attempt. :)
    BTW: I am so jealous that you have such guests in your yard.

  4. I completely agree, Angie. I love taking pictures of the geese. Most of the time it takes me about twenty shots too, but these geese were everywhere. I was lucky to get even that one. I didn't really get the pictures I wanted. The ones I saw on your site are much better :)

    As far as them being in my yard; in the spring there are even more. The only problem is that on weekend mornings they come up to the house, and like to fight and make noise under my bedroom window. I like them then too, but it gives me a too early day.