Friday, October 24, 2008

Where I Like To Go

Today I thought I would post a picture of a map. It's not just any map. It's a trail map of Orchard Lake Nature Sanctuary, one of the nature parks I like to visit. As a matter of fact I just took this picture a little while ago.

This map is a sign posted in the middle of the park. You might see it in a few of my other posts. I always thought it was a nice colorful map of the trails, and kind of helpful when you're out in the middle of a hiking trail.

If you look at the distances on the bottom left, you can see this park is not the biggest place in the world. But it's a fun place to get away from everything. This is one of the quietest parks of them all. There aren't very many animals to be seen here for some reason, but I still like it here.

Even without the animals, there are plenty of things to see here. You can go and get a view of a lake. Only one. The other is maybe a little bit of false advertising. You go to the viewing area, and there is nothing there except a view of a road.

The twisting trails make up for the bad lake view though. There's plenty more to see here, including some very interesting and unique looking trees. There are a few really creepy looking ponds. And an old rest area that I'm not sure what it is used for now. Maybe just a nice stop on the way.

This map shows just one of the places anyone can go to have a nice everyday adventure, and forget their problems for a little while. You don't have to make it a big project. You can even stop at a place like this on your way home from work. It's big enough to give you a great time, but not so big that you've lost any time from your long busy day. Maybe your day wouldn't seem so busy if you tried going through a place like this.

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