Tuesday, October 21, 2008

What Is It, and Is Something Living There?

As I was out in the forest on another everyday adventure, I looked to my left and saw a strange structure. It was made of bunches of tree branches. I've seen this thing before and wondered about it. Every other time, I quickly forgot and moved on. But this time, I was really wondering about it.

It's like so many other mysterious things you might see along your way. Did you ever wonder if that face on Mars was really a face, or just a trick of light? What were the Nazca Lines really made for? Is there a Loch Ness Monster? Does Bigfoot really exist? Well, here was my own personal mystery.

I really don't know how this thing got here. Is it just a natural occurrence? How could something like this happen naturally? Or did someone or something make it? Really. Is it man made? Was it made by some kind of animal? If it was made by an animal, what kind? These possibilities made me instinctively keep my distance. Maybe next time I'll go have a look, and get some closer pictures.

From where I stood, it really looked to be some kind of shelter. If it was made by human hands, how long ago was it made? It doesn't look new. Was it here for years, or even decades? If they were humans, who were they? Why would they need a shelter in a hiking and nature park like this? This place isn't far from civilization.

Maybe it was a homeless person looking for a place to rest. If so, it wasn't a very good one. If it were me, I would look for somewhere a little less conspicuous. Maybe they were rounded up immediately and hauled off. I guess that's one possible case, though I think it's improbable.

Maybe it was an animal. The only other alternative. If it was, what kind of animal could do it? It would have to be able to grab these branches, and move them around. Not many animals can do that. What animal would have the intelligence? Beavers make their own dams all the time, but this is no beaver dam, and there is no water to dam anyway.

There is one other alternative that I hesitate to mention, but here goes. Bigfoot. I mentioned that above. A Bigfoot would have the ability, the intelligence, and the reason, to do this. The only problem is the same as that of a homeless person. It would be too easily detected.

Then again, it depends on when this was made. It could have been made when this place was not a nature park. That would remove the detection problem, and reopen every possibility above. Very interesting. What do you think?

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