Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Camera

This is a picture of the camera that I use. It's a Canon Powershot A590 IS. It's the very first camera that I have ever owned. I only ever used another camera a few times before in my life. I think I made an excellent choice for my first camera. I did a lot of research before I settled on this one.

I asked several people what camera they had, and what they liked about it. I asked them what they thought I should look for. Then I went on the internet and read about cameras every chance I could get. I checked for the best of what was current and available at the time.

The first thing I needed was something easy to use. Since I had no idea how to use a camera, I had to be able to figure out quickly. On the flip side of this, I wanted something that wouldn't be a disappointment after I did learn how to use it. It had to have enough features that beyond being easy it was a good camera that made good picture quality.

The next thing I had to find was something inexpensive. I wasn't going to spend a load of money on something that I might get bored with. This was going to be difficult. This camera is a very good price, and I got a better deal than most on it. If anyone wants more technical information on it, I made links to the website of the camera above.

I've had an even better experience with the camera than I hoped. It's been a great accessory on my everyday adventures. And I use every picture I take as desktop wallpaper on my computer. Nature pictures are my favorite, and these are all mine. I made a great choice!


  1. I'm glad you agree, Anonymous. There are more and better pictures to come.

  2. I know nothing about camera's or photography, but you have a talent for bringing life to the lens.

  3. a.j.johnson said...

    "I know nothing about camera's or photography, but you have a talent for bringing life to the lens.Thanks A.J."

    Thanks A.J.