Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Do You Wanna See A Chipmunk?

Do you wanna see a Chipmunk? Yeah, I thought you did. I knew you couldn't resist looking, and here's your prize. Is it what you expected? I thought so.

I was walking along one of the hiking trails at Kensington Park, and not seeing very much in the way of wildlife at all, when I happened to look over to the right and see this little chipmunk. As you can see, it was perched on the bottom rail of this fence.

I think I must have surprised it, because I was standing right above it, before it reacted to me. I know I was surprised. I don't think I've ever been this close to a chipmunk before. I always thought an animal would detect me before I knew it was there, but I've been able to walk right up to all sorts of animals lately. This little guy is clearly not the first, and hasn't been the last.

When it looked up and saw me trying to take it's picture, I think it became frozen with fear. It seemed to be too afraid to move for just a few seconds. It gave me a few seconds to get these pictures. These were the only two. I was glad I was quick enough this time.

As I scrambled to get the pictures, he started to turn away to run, but in his fear he turned towards me, and gave me the chance to get this shot a little closer up than the first. As I went to take the third, he finally came to his senses and ran off into the forest.

Why did he have to run away? Doesn't he know I only want to take care of him? I'd love him and pet him, and name him George. I used to have a little friend named George, but he don't move no more. Come back, George!

See you in your dreams.


  1. I hike a section of woods that has a chipmunk about every 50 ft or so. As I walk they 'chirp' at me warning the next about my presence. They are almost impossible to photograph. Tough guys until you face them :)

  2. Mine must have been a little lost. He didn't have anyone else to talk to, so he sat there waiting for me. Normally I never get close enough to even see one.