Thursday, October 2, 2008

Creepy Slime, Odd Time

This creepy slime is to the left of the trail leading up to the nature center at Kensington Park. Most of the others with me didn't want to stop here. They said this slime pond was disgusting, but I knew better. It was wallpaper.

The Skipper wanted to rush through everything. Jack didn't want to go anywhere. He just wanted to play with his magic stick. Peg kept saying there were big catfish on a path to the right. She of course demanded that we follow her. Mother Goose wanted to see the nature center and then take a break. The only other one that wanted to stop and see this slime pond was Alice. Sometimes her curiosity gets the best of her, but she, at least, knows what's fun.

If you've been reading this website, you should recognize some of these characters. Some may be introduced somewhere in the future. Let's see how things turn out, maybe a couple names will change.

After we left here, we followed Peg towards the catfish. She said we wouldn't be disappointed. She always knows everything. In this case, I found out she was indeed correct. Hmm, imagine that. Usually I try to ignore what she says, just to tease her. It's one of the funnier things to do around her ;)

Will these people figure out which characters they are? Some of them. Do some already know which they are? Of course, and they like it. Will others be furious with me, if they find out about their new representations? Most definitely. Are there more personas to come? Well, yeah.

As you read this website in the future, I'll reveal more details about some of this odd grouping of characters. I'm sure there will be more of these weird characters, and more strange stories about them. I'll probably also reveal the real person's reaction to the revelation of their individual alter egos.

Will they be happy, or sad? Will a few make me sandwiches? Will one attack me with a hatchet? Will you see my journey through paradise? Will the whole situation get really strange?

Read And Find Out.

Ha! Ha! Ha! He! Ha! Ho! Ha! Ha! Ha!


  1. Hey! I wanted a break because I'm really, really old.

    Mother Goose

  2. Mother Goose likes to tell stories. You can't get more stories to tell if you're taking a break.

  3. Your slime got on my desktop. Looks good :)

    I'll wait till tomorrow to wipe it off.

  4. Thanks WiseAcre, I'm glad you like it. When I first saw the slime, I thought I wanted some on my computer.