Sunday, January 6, 2019

A Fun Day In The Cornfields

I went out to try to get a bit of new material to put up here, but you know what I found? Cornfields.

Cornfields as far as the eye can see.

I think I just went in the wrong direction this time. But this is the results.

Hey, cornfields are pretty good for what they are, but you gotta admit they aren't very exciting most of the time, especially in the middle of winter when they've already been harvested.

I ended up in this small town looking at their little park. A park like this looks kind of bad in the winter time.

In the summer it's a green happy place with kids playing and having fun, but there's no green and no fun here today.

So I went back to explore the cornfields.

Yup, still the same. I thought it might change after fifteen minutes, but there was no change to the cornfields. They're still barren, and still cold and snowy.

I guess the giant hills in the back are interesting. But they're so far away.

Do you feel depressed yet?

... Wait a minute.

Okay, that's enough. This post was sad, but I'm pretty happy. And you might think I'm a little demented, but I think the post was a hilarious joke. You shouldn't write something if it's not fun for you, and this was fun.

But was it art? Maybe, maybe not. It was fast food for the mind. And now it's done. Was it even a little entertaining? I'll talk to you later.


  1. Your posts are always fun and as long as you have fun writing them then that's all that matters.
    Maybe I should go out and see if I can find a corn field

  2. I thought it was interesting, since we live in a big city where there is no real winter. So it was novel for me.

  3. Here in FL I have to ride 500 miles to find a hill. Sigh.

  4. The sky is so blue and you have such light in your winter sky. Our daylight is muted this time of year.

  5. Winter cornfields can offer many hidden surprises--like pheasant, geese or even a fox or coyote. I don't mind looking at cornfields as we drive along...but after awhile my eyelids start to get heavy.....