Friday, November 16, 2018

Spy Horse

I went out on an adventure this week with the hopes of changing the whole internet with the sheer force of the spectacular pictures I was going to get. It was a few miles down the road that a tragically unfortunate event happened.

That's right. I got a flat tire. Now, you might think that's just a temporary setback. It's not at all the tragedy that I'm describing. You might think. But to my dramatic brain, it's practically the end of the world. My adventure of all adventures was over!

But then something happened. As I got out of the truck to examine the damage of my ravaged tire, I smelled something horribly bad. Yup, it was the pig farm where I had stopped to fix the tire. But that's not really what happened. I was expecting the horrible smell. It was something else. There were eyes on me!

As I looked up, there across the road was a lone horse staring right at me. It was examining me very closely as if it was gathering information to take back to all the other horses so they could laugh at me, or maybe even to its evil master. It was going to reveal my tire changing secrets to the world. Noooo!

I wasn't going to put up with this intrusive examination from this all too obvious spy horse. So I whipped out my camera in dramatic fashion, and I began taking pictures of this way too interested creature.

Of course, the examiner didn't like being the examined, so it decided to make itself scarce. It quit staring and turned around to make a speedy escape.

I haven't been taking enough nature pictures recently to be able to keep up well with all of this fast movement, so the pictures didn't exactly turn out quite like I wanted. I had lots of chances for great pictures, but my lack of practice blew pretty much all of them.

After this little incident, it took me some time to fix my tire. My all-time greatest adventure was over before it really began, but I did get some pictures of this one lone horse.

As I drove a short way down the road, I found this evil spy horse conversing with another. I just know they were laughing at me because of my recent unfortunate situation. In my humiliation, I took no more pictures. I just slunk on down the road toward the bigger town 20 miles away so I could forget this tragic event ever happened while eating a bunch of tacos. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Well, at least you had a friend (?) while you fixed your tire. And it distracted you from the unfortunate event.

  2. Tacos are a great way to forget your troubles and drown your sorrows.
    Pretty horse, too bad it had to go and make fun of you for getting a flat tire

  3. I don't think it was TOO tragic - after all, you did get some shots of that spy horse!

  4. That is a beautiful creature. He was observing you for sure, Ratty.

  5. You must have seen its big white teeth when it was laughing.