Sunday, July 22, 2018

Trucks Computers And Mushrooms

Are you surprised to see me? It's because I've been gone for so long. My computer has been down and my truck has also been down. So I couldn't go anywhere to get pictures and I couldn't post them here either.

Sure, I could've used my phone to post pictures, but that's too much of a pain. Although, I might do something like that in the future for a gimmick I hinted at a few months ago. And for that, I need my truck, which is still a problem for me. Maybe it'll be back up and running in a week or so.

In the meantime, I took these mushroom pictures right out in front of my house. These huge mushrooms grew there overnight. And I'm not very quick at doing yard work, so I just left them. Besides, they give the fairies something to rest on.

Back to my computer. These Microsoft updates have been a pain. I'm part geek, so I like frequent operating system updates, but I want them to not screw up my computers so much. I have three computers I use for different things, and with every update at least one gets messed up, usually a big problem.

I've had computers for a very long time, and I'm good at fixing just about every problem, but this new problem is the second one in a few months where I have to call Microsoft to fix it. I've never had to get help with a computer before in my entire life. I'm getting really fed up.

I don't like to talk about problems here very much, but I don't have much nature to talk about right now. Maybe you might find this slightly entertaining. If you knew me personally you might find my computer problems funny. But that's enough of that.

Maybe next time I'll have some good nature stuff. I'm still waiting for that bigfoot sighting I've been promising over the years. I'll talk to you later.


  1. The fairies will love those beautiful mushrooms Ratty!

  2. I hope your truck is up and running soon!

  3. oh i don't know which would be worse, no computer or no transportation. Eeek... and both at once is more than any person can reasonably be expected to handle. But at least you have fairies (or elves or brownies) in your front yard. The other person in my house is the computer person who, like you, used to be able to fix everything and usually still can. But sometimes these days ..... Come to think of it, years ago he would have been able to fix a truck or car too --- I guess when there's a problem with those nowadays it is sort of a computer problem too usually. Good luck on getting all those problems solved.

  4. I would have left the mushrooms too. Who knows when a fairy might come along.
    I wish I was a computer geek. I had to give up on my laptop. It runs so slow it's impossible to use.

  5. What's worse? Computer or vehicle problems?? Ugh. I hope you get them both sorted out quickly. We have missed your posts!

  6. Hey! I like those mushrooms and I'm currently struggling with and making nasty noises at my own computer issues. Hang in there.

  7. So you found mushrooms.
    You must have found the time tunnel too.
    And wonderland.
    And Rainfield.
    And Alice.