Thursday, December 7, 2017

Back On The Trail

I'm kind of excited to be back out hiking again. Even though I was out on my nature adventures a lot during the summer I didn't do much actual hiking. It wasn't that I didn't want to go hiking. It was that my bad back wouldn't allow it yet.

I've told you in the past of how I've been working to strengthen my back enough to do at least normal activity. It's been hard the whole way. Everything I do seems to not quite work. But now I think I've finally begun to make some progress.

You may think it's the wrong time now that it's coming up on winter time. But I kind of enjoy winter. I know that during winter there will be nobody out there bothering me every few steps of the way. I like the solitude of nature the most. And I know how to bundle up against the cold.

I thought that I was making no progress until I decided to try once again to go hiking at a smaller nature park in the area. The last couple of years I haven't even been able to go as far as a normal person, but this time it was finally different.

I was able to travel through the whole park this time! So many times before I was only able to get to the end of the first trail before my back told me I had to turn around. And those times I was only barely able to get back to my truck completely exhausted. But this time was finally different.

Now I'm excited to get back out there and keep going. I have one problem though. The weather around here has been kind of bad since this big turning point of mine. We started out with rain that has now turned into snow. Hiking all of these hills is not a good thing when the trails are slick with moisture. I'll have to wait until the weather gets better.

The temperatures have taken a downturn with all of this foul weather, but that part is okay by me. It seems winter has arrived here now. I can handle it. I deal with winter much better than with my unreasonable dislike for fall. So I'm hoping to get very busy in the upcoming weeks and months. I can't wait to be out there again! I'll talk to you later.


  1. The first thing I had to buy were good snow boots after slipping and sliding all over that Loess Hill.

  2. That's great that you are able to get some hiking done now!

  3. Welcome back to the trails, Ratty. I hope the weather co-operates enough so you can get some walking in...

  4. It must have felt great to get out there and make progress. This is as good a time as any to get back into it.

  5. I'm so glad your back is better. Hope you can find us some fun nature pix!

  6. Nature in a winter is my another virtual wonderland.
    I like to go through with you.
    Hope that your back will not bother you very much.

  7. I'm glad you got back out in nature again...being away is so hard, isn't it? Like you, I really like the trails when the weather isn't "perfect"--there are less people and less distractions from nature. Maybe there are exercises that you can do to strengthen your back...