Tuesday, May 30, 2017

An Early Morning View Of Nature

Do these pictures look nice? I'm not really sure. To me, they look like chaos. I've always hesitated on sharing pictures like these because of this. But I have them for you today because I realized that much of nature seems like chaos. A beautiful chaos.

There's so much green and brown in these pictures. And there's no real defined subject point to look at. You just kind of look everywhere. Maybe there is a kind of beauty in the chaos. Nature itself is beautiful, and this is nature if nothing else.

I took these pictures on another early morning walk around town. The light is a little dim because the sun was just coming up. The whole world seemed alive with nature activity. There were birds singing everywhere. And I saw little movements all around me.

The smell of the world seems so fresh this early in the morning. there is a dampness to the air as well. It almost feels like a lingering rain, but the sunlight takes that feeling away too. There may not be a better feeling to the world than at this time of day. Everything is new and waking up.

And now I have a new episode of Rat TV for you. It's nothing fancy because I have a new video editor which I haven't learned yet. So no fancy graphics to interrupt the video this time. It's just a video of the morning.

The real reason I made the video was for you to hear what I heard. You can see what I show in the pictures, but the video has sound as well. The sound is the important thing here. Don't worry, the video lasts for only about thirty seconds. So you won't have to suffer through a long movie. You'll like this because it's just soothing nature sounds.

Maybe one of these next times we'll take a closer look at some of these plants. I like looking at them, but I have trouble writing about them. So I'll have to come up with something at least a little bit interesting to say. But who knows? Maybe I'll come across a skunk or something before that.

So we come to the end of another everyday adventure. My little adventures aren't meant to blow you away. They're just here to give you a small pleasant feeling. That's what nature is for. And the main thing to remember is that everyone can experience this. I'll talk to you later.


  1. We did a similar walk last week. Gorgeous in a natural way. What better way to start the day than with the birds. The flowers would be a great subject! I enjoy identifying the things I've discovered. It is a great way to pass the time! Better than a skunk encounter.

  2. I'd like to go for a stroll in nature - maybe my human will take me one of these days.

  3. There's always something good to find. I wouldn't worry too ,uch about not having anything to say. Sometimes pictures are enough