Wednesday, March 22, 2017

The Old Man Of The Forest

I'd like to introduce you to Freeman. Freeman appears to be a very old squirrel of the fox variety. I guess you could say that he's the old man of the forest. He still gets around pretty well for an old man, but the signs of his age are still there nonetheless.

If you take a very close look just above his eyes you can see that the hair is just a little more gray than other fox squirrels might be. The rest of his fur also seems to be tinged with a little gray. His face has a bit of a weathered look that you might also find in very old human males.

Here's a special episode of Rat TV that features Freeman the wise old squirrel. He may not get around as well as some of the youngsters, but you'd never know it, you young whippersnapper! Videos can sometimes give us a better insight into these animals of the forest, especially the standouts like Freeman.

Take a look right behind his ears there. That is a patch of gray fur that Freeman is sporting. Also look at the top of his back and all over his tail. You can see a touch of gray all over him. I wonder how old this guy really is.

Take a look at Freeman's bent ears. I've seen old men with ears that look just like that. Sometimes these guys seem grumpy, but they really aren't. Stop and listen to what they have to say some time. They know a lot more than you do. A squirrel like Freeman could tell you how everything works.

Oh wait, I think he sees me! Hey there little guy...

"Hey there, you kid! Get off my lawn! ...Ah, wait a minute. Did I ever tell you about the time me and my brother took on five, no six, yup six other squirrels? They got too close to our tree and started running their mouths. I knocked out every last one of them, and my brother threw them in the ditch. It was one of the best times..."

Good old Freeman. I could listen to his stories for hours, but right now it's time to go. I'll talk to you later.

"Hey, you youngsters! Wash your ears or potatoes will start to grow from them!"


  1. grin

    (Freeman was my great grandfather's name)

  2. Thanks for the intro to Freeman. He's one interesting old fellow.

  3. Lol. He is a pretty spry old guy. Large too!

  4. He really has remarkable colouring. Thanks for sharing...I have never seen this squirrel beforem

  5. Freeman gets around pretty good for an old guy

  6. I bet Freeman has a lot of stories to tell. He must be smart for a squirrel to have survived so long.

  7. I LOVE Freeman! Such a handsome old fella. I wish him a good summer ahead enjoying the warm sunshine.

  8. LOL..... Freeman is a wonderful old guy -- love your observations.... he's done pretty well for an old squirrel who has to survive up there in the cold all year round.

    I was thinking I could probably accuse you of ageism, but actually your observations are pretty much spot on. (Not for any old guys in my house of course ;>)....just some other old ones I happen to know.