Thursday, March 16, 2017

The Greedy Little Squirrel

I'm going to tell you a true story of a lone little squirrel and a bunch of big noisy geese. It all began at the front of the nature trail at a place called Berry Lake. About a dozen geese were milling around an as yet unknown small furry animal for some strange reason.

The geese would take turns honking at the poor little creature. Each one would move in close, then the little furry critter would let out a squeal and the lead goose would move back away. The geese all looked at the little animal with great envy, but the poor determined little creature held its ground. I wondered what the fuss was all about, so I moved in for a closer look.

And there I found a lone little squirrel hovering over what looked like a mound of cornbread. Some naughty human decided to feed these animals, and they were now fighting over their delicious prize. I didn't think this poor little squirrel had a chance at defending itself against the villainous geese. But the sweet little squirrel had a secret.

Only the little squirrel knew it, but the dainty little squirrel was really half greedy pig. Oink!

The geese only wanted their share of the yummy cornbread. But the greedy little squirrel was hoarding it, and he just wouldn't share.

When the big scary human in the creepy rat suit moved in closer the sweet little piggish squirrel leaped to his feet! The squirrel would defend his food against anything or anyone. The human was at least smart enough to keep a little bit of distance because the kind little squirrel was acting very mean and aggressive now.

But even though the squirrel was determined to steal all of the cornbread for himself, he knew when he was defeated. All of those geese, and now a rat suited human were all too much to defend his prize against. So the cute little squirrel grabbed up as much of his prize as he could and prepared to run.

Before he left, the courageous little squirrel looked up at the evil human so he could grin in triumph, but his mouth was just too full of cornbread to pull off this feat. So the sweet little squirrel gathered as much of his dignity as he could muster and he fled into the trees.

The End


  1. If the geese were villainous, what were you, scaring the poor dear away from his snack? *wink*

  2. I love squirrels. Such tenacious creatures! I am glad she got her share of the tasty treat!

  3. Oh I thought the mushroom creatures have turned into squirrels.

    But I am wrong.

    The creatures are still found in the jungle waiting patiently for Alice.

  4. MOL! Squirrels will steal whatever they can!

  5. That is some story. That is one brave squirrel

  6. I can't even begin to tell you how much I loved this story! And the great illustrations. And also because when my (now 30-something) grandson was 3 we were watching birds on our deck and a red squirrel ran up and chased the birds all away, then proceeded to gobble the sunflower seed as fast as he could -- my grandson said 'that's not a squirrel, that's a pig. Oink" -- He laughed so hard, then When his mom came to get him he told her "Grandma has pigs on her deck'... so his first joke!

  7. Hello! Wonderful photos! Thanks!

  8. Great story Ratty and some fantastic photos to accompany it. So nice seeing sunshine and blue skies in your posts!!

  9. Good for him standing his ground!