Monday, September 19, 2016

Surprise Flowers

I have two surprises for you today! The first surprise is these flowers. I keep saying that I almost never see flowers around here. And I really don't, but here are these. When I see them I make sure I get at least a few pictures.

I'm lucky I had my phone this time because these flowers were tiny and the phone zooms right in and gets good focus on small things. My big camera doesn't do quite as well in automatic mode. Now whenever I have something small to share I use the phone.

And you may not have noticed my second surprise. There's a bug in the picture above. I don't know whether I caught him by surprise or he just diesn't move anymore. But I got the bug in the picture too. And it's a nice clear shot. Pretty good for just one picture.

And I found another flower! I said I had two surprises, but does another flower count as a third? This looks to be some kind of thistle, maybe of the Canadian variation, but it's kind of small compared to most. This flower is also tiny, but not as small as the others.

This is a nice lavender colored flower, but you won't want to pick it. It bites. Look at those thorns below the flower. I don't like that part. Such a shame. I wanted to pick this flower to death so much too.

I would have posted more pictures this time, but I only had these two. Like I said, I don't see many flowers around here. Maybe I need to look harder. My next trip might have more flowers or some other interesting plants. I guess we'll find out next time. I'll talk to you later.


  1. You should be here, you would have tons of flowers to take pictures of. You did good with these two

  2. Pretty flowers... but I'm all about the bug!

  3. Finding random flowers is always fun and I am all about surprises!!

  4. Pretty flowers! The one on the bottom looks like a thistle.

  5. So glad you found some flowers Ratty, I'm glad the second ones bites...that means it gets to lie another day and brighten up somebody else's day too!!

  6. A lady named Laura used to host a macro photo meme where she said that taking closeups was a way to slow down with your camera and appreciate the small things in life that you might not notice otherwise! These photos are a perfect example. Love the purple color and the bee (?) on the white flower. I do appreciate these small spots of beauty.