Saturday, September 17, 2016

Hills So Steep

I recently visited a new nature park, kind of. This new park is actually the back entrance of Five Ridge Prairie Preserve. I've visited the front entrance several times over the past few years. The reason that it is new is because this park is so big that I've never been anywhere close to this end of it.

The park is very hilly and even if I was still in my best shape I'm not good enough to hike through the whole thing. The hills just about kill me. And that brings me to the good and bad points of this mostly new nature park.

First of all, this end of the park is beautiful. It's almost exactly what I've been looking for in a nature park. The trails are only just wide enough to walk through, and there are lots of trees. The trees are the important thing for me. I love being surrounded by trees on a good nature trail. And this park doesn't disappoint with trees.

But now comes the part I didn't like, and it was unfortunately a deal breaker. This main trail goes up a very steep hill. Take a look in the picture above. You can kind of see it. Pictures never show hills properly for some reason.

I said before the hills just about kill me, even at the best times. My back has become weak, and I can't seem to fix it, so I do the best I can. Surprisingly it wasn't my back that was the problem here. It was my legs. I went as far as I could before I was in agony, and I had to turn back.

It's hard to see it in the picture above, but from here I could just see the top of the hill. I couldn't walk any farther. At least I got a picture. I had to turn around and make my way back down the steep hill. It was a much easier journey on my legs, but going down the hill was much harder to maneuver. I had to be very careful not to slip and fall.

After awhile I made it back down to the bottom and to the beginning of the trail again. I knew I wouldn't be back here again for quite some time, and I was regretting it because the trails are so nice looking. I really wish they were flatter. It would become my favorite park if that were so.

So now my next plan is to visit the other end of the park. I can walk much farther there. That end is good, but the trail looks like an access road. I like the small forest trails better. They make me think of hidden secrets to explore so much more than others.

So I guess I'm done here until my next adventure. This one was a little more serious this time. That's sometimes good. We'll see what my attitude is next time. And until then, I'll talk to you later.


  1. ahhhh beautiful.

    If you like should visit Florida.

    There is one park I've found within a 90min drive of Tampa with hills...I love it. So nice to have terrain. Ha! I think I may head back there again this weekend. You put me in the mood for up and down.

  2. You need to get out more often. Get back in shape will help your back also

  3. this is a pretty, more natural looking spot. i can't walk far and need flat also. in my area, there are several parks for both walking and riding bikes that are pretty flat. it's disappointing if you can see it but not be able to enjoy it!!!! beautiful images today!!!

  4. That's too bad about the steep hills. According to my human, the nature parks here in L.A. (and we have quite a few, yes, here in the big city), have trails of various difficulties, and usually they tell you which ones are harder to hike. The one you're talking about definitely sounds like an advanced trail.

  5. Sure looks like a great place to hike. Pity that you can't handle those hills these days.

  6. it does look like a beautiful place for hiking. Too bad about the hills

  7. Do you have trekking poles or a walking stick? How about just taking it slowly..with lots of breaks? I agree with the other comment..I think you have to keep at it and get acclimated. you can do it!

    Hey, send me your email. I changed my blog to private and I'd like you to still join us. You can see the details on the Duck and Wheel.

  8. It looks like a place I'd like to wander around. I'm the one who climbs over boulders to get to the top of a mountain. But I'm sure for most people, rough terrain would be an obstacle to enjoying the trail.

  9. It sure looks like the parks that you have visited before.

    And they tend to stretch you to the maximum.

    Power up!!

  10. I like places like this too, but hills are becoming more and more problematical -- we're too used to flatland Florida now. Lovely serene photos.