Monday, June 13, 2016

Turkey Vultures Are Circling

Let's talk about turkey vultures. If you haven't guessed it already this is the bird I'm sharing with you today. Many of you know this bird well, some even better than I do. Whether you know it or not this bird is a very interesting character.

He's kind of an ugly bugger if you see him up close. He is to me anyway. In a way though he is beautiful. He has a bald red head that looks similar to Mr. Burns from The Simpsons. You can kind of see that in these pictures. He keeps his neck tucked in while he's flying though.

These birds eat dead animals. You can often see them circling over a dead animal. I had one circle over me one time though. I have no idea why. I won't say I wasn't a little worried. I got some good pictures of the bird though.

The bird in my pictures was part of a larger flock. They were circling something too far away for me to see. There were around six of them. This is the only one that came close enough for me to get any pictures.

I wish I could have gotten a few better ones, but I was sitting in my truck at the time. When he got closer he was blocked by the frame of the truck. I would have gotten out, but there just wasn't enough time. just like that he was gone again.

Every one of these pictures was cropped to bring the turkey vulture a little closer. I don't usually do that except in cases like this. I can do all sorts of interesting alterations, but I rarely use them. Why am I mentioning all of this? No real reason except that I wanted to mention why the bird looks so close.

I have something different to say. Do you know of any bloggers who have been around awhile and seem to be fading away into oblivion? Maybe the fun of blogging is fading away for them. It's hard to remember sometimes what gave you the inspiration and love of blogging when it's been so long and things are maybe not going so well.

Maybe a few kind gestures from some of us can help some of them. Maybe not. I've been going around trying to reconnect with some long lost friends in the blogging world, leaving a few comments for them. I can only try. Maybe even something as small as this might rekindle that spark for them. And besides, I miss many of them. Think about this the next time you're leaving a few comments. An extra one or two somewhere you know might be good.

So now I come to the end of this post. I don't usually talk about some of this stuff. Maybe I shouldn't have mentioned it. But I write what pops into my head at the time. Some of this stuff has been circling around there for awhile in the same way turkey vultures do. Some bloggers feel like that dead meat on the ground below these birds. Maybe some of them can be revived with a kind gesture here and there. I'll talk to you later.


  1. I think they are beautiful. All Mother's creatures fill their own little niche.

  2. I fished where a bunch were roosting and they almost sounded human with their chatter.

  3. I am kind of glad we don't see turkey vultures here - if one circled over me, I don't think I'd like it!

  4. i have a bit of a love/hate thing going with them. they are beautiful in flight and serve their purpose in nature!!!

  5. We see lots of them around here. A quarter mile down the road, there is a hollow tree where turkey vultures nest. I should post a pic and perhaps will one of these days.

  6. I see a lot of these. They are pretty ugly but I love seeing them fly. They always looks so graceful when they are circling.

  7. I miss old blogging friends too. Sometimes, they become real life friends so I get to see them still but not their writing / photography. Sometimes they disappear completely.

    Lovely photos! These are really great captures.