Friday, June 24, 2016

Scenes From The Forest

There are so many things you find in a random forest. I've just begun to explore this one. I haven't even left the trails yet, but my camera has. I took a few pictures of some interesting sights I saw while walking through.

This top picture shows a very small, but very noisy little creek that runs right through the nature trail. You've already seen the bridge that crosses this creek. The creek provides a nice relaxing background noise for the walk along the trail.

 The second picture shows the creek from the other side of the bridge. The creek is almost too small to see in the picture, but if you look very closely you might be able to see it. Watch your nose when pressing your face up to the screen.

I didn't expect to find this swampy area near this little trail. It's the kind of thing that proves to me that you never know what you'll find along a nature trail. What I love about nature is that some things can be so unexpected.  I wonder if there are frogs here.

The only thing that could be more unexpected here is a close encounter with some possibly dangerous wild animals. I have done that before. One of the most frightening experiences I've had, and I've never run faster.

This last picture is the kind of place where I've always fantasized about just building a little shack and living there forever. I'd be perfectly happy. I wonder if I could get internet piped in.

One of these times I'm going to have to get a good close up look at some of the forest vegetation. The one thing I never do is get that close to things like that. I think I'm too impatient. I'm always too busy moving on to the next thing to get such a close look at things. One of these times I'll take the time to do it. I'll talk to you later.


  1. I love a bubbling brook almost as much as listening to the little birdies sing (well, most of them anyway ;o)

    I like looking at the vegetation, but I'm rather hesitant to touch things (particularly if I'm not sure what it is). I just heard a thing on the radio yesterday about two types of naturally occurring trees in Florida that can make you horribly sick and/or even kill you. I only caught the tail end of the discussion, but I looked it up to see if it was true and it was (and is that crazy scary or what??) Made me wonder what lurks/grows in the woods in other states. Tread cautiously out there!

  2. beautiful images of the forest!! i like the first image where the creek is barely noticeable. very cool that you could hear it, or you may have missed it!!

    i don't think about wild animals when i'm out in the woods, but i do think about poison ivy and ticks!!

  3. Thanks for the "nose" warning. I almost left a smudge on the screen.

  4. there's something about the sound of water that is just so relaxing. Looks like a very nice place

  5. These are all very pretty and peaceful looking scenes.

  6. I like to listen to the water myself.

  7. You pictures remind me about your few hundreds tadpoles...

    And all these memories...

  8. Your forest is so green! It is always nice to come across a stream or a creek. Soothing to see!

  9. I love finding creeks and bridges:)
    Enjoy your Sunday:)

  10. I love forests. I think they are my favourite kind of place.