Friday, June 17, 2016

On Top Of The Hills

Here I am standing high atop one of the highest points in Stone Park. All of that green in the picture above is the tops of trees. I've explained this same thing a few times before from this same place. I have also explained my next point.

These hills may not be exactly what you are thinking. When I think of hills most of the time I think of something big but not too big. Then there are mountains, which I think of as huge. These hills I am on are the size of mountains, but they are made from the stuff of hills.

Back before my back started really giving me lots of trouble I walked down the side of one of these huge hills, and after exploring the area at the bottom I walked right back up. I was a little tired but I felt pretty good. Right now I can't even make a quaerter of the journey down. But I'm working my way back.

Maybe by now you've noticed the widescreen look of my pictures in my last couple of posts. That's because I purposely used my phone's camera to take these pictures. This camera takes pictures that rival my big camera. I could set the pictures to look like the 4x3 pictures of the big camera, but I want you to see the difference.

I can't zoom in close to far away objects with this phone, but I didn't expect that to be a problem anyway. I knew exactly what I was going for before I got here. One thing I didn't really expect though was for the tree to have grown so tall. they're blocking the view a little bit this year.

It's actually kind of great up here on the hills. You feel like you're at the top of the world. I can see for miles up here. In the far background of this last picture is the next state over, South Dakota, which is several miles away.

I know I've shown you all this before in years past, but I like this place. I plan on exploring the deep interior of this huge park next. I can't walk far yet, but I'm going to keep pushing myself until I can get deep inside the forest where others never go. That's when the real adventure begins. That's my kind of adventure. And it's coming sooner than you think. I'll talk to you later.


  1. it's a pretty park, perhaps i did not follow you the last time you shared it. it's a great view from the top, i hope you are able to achieve the heights, climbs and deep adventures you dream of!!!

  2. Beautiful pictures. I love exploring parks.
    Hope your back settles down.

  3. What a beautiful place! It seems like there's always a freeway in my human's photos.

  4. That's a nice view. I use my phone's camera quite a lot. It's more convenient and I've always got the phone with me

  5. Those pictures are fantastic, especially they are from your cell phone. The view from this park is amazing.

  6. One of my favourite places is on top of a hill overlooking the valleys below...I always think there is something magical about being tucked away up high so close to the clouds!!

  7. What lovely photos. I'm glad you decided to share the wider-screen photos with us, it does give a different perspective. Lovely.

  8. Very nice. You'll get there soon. Just work up your stamina...but be careful and don't push yourself too hard too fast.