Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Bridges Are Cool. I'm On A Bridge Now.

One of the things I really love is walking through a forest and coming upon a hidden foot bridge. Seeing that structure for the first time gives me a joy I have trouble explaining. And walking across the wooden planks is just so wonderful.

I usually get to the middle of a bridge and then I look over the side. I look out across the forest from there and then I look down at what the bridge is crossing over. We'll save those things for another post. For now it's the bridge. It's such a wonderful bridge.

If you come in from this direction you find the bridge peeping out from between the leaves after you round a short corner. It's at that point that I want to run to the bridge to get the experience of walking across it now. But I walk slowly so I can savor the anticipation. Hey, I love bridges.

I always stop at the beginning of a bridge and take at least one picture. That picture never quite seems to capture the feeling that I have when I'm standing at this point. I also wish I could show the surrounding forest at the same time. These wide pictures help a little, but it's still not even close to the actual experience.

It was kind of dark here in the forest, and the phone camera captured exactly the right light. Maybe you have to click on a few of these pictures to see them better if you're interested. The section of forest with this bridge is very thick with foliage. The bridge is kind of lost until you get right upon it.

I wasn't going to add this last picture, but I thought, why not. I used to try to limit my pictures to a certain amount, but not always anymore. I don't have to say lots of stuff for each picture even though I usually do. But after looking at this one, I think it's one of the better pictures.

And I got to cross the bridge twice. I usually do, but not always. Maybe this post helped you appreciate bridges a little more, and maybe it made you begin to hate them a little bit. I like them more every time I find a new one. I'll say it one last time. Bridges are cool. I love bridges.

I'll talk to you later.


  1. Like you, my camera does a lot of clicks at cross-overs. :)

  2. i understand completely. i don't think you can ever have too many pictures, the pictures help to tell our story!!

    i enjoy nature and being outdoors. i like foot bridges and covered bridges. your images are beautiful!!!

  3. I like bridges, too. It's always fun to stand in the middle and look down at what you're crossing.

  4. I love bridges and like you I stop in the middle and look around.

  5. Check out the hanging bridge in Columbus Junction. I always think of you when I post pics of them.

  6. My human loves bridges too! I love your photos today.

  7. Oh I just love a nice bridge; as long as it's solid and not falling down/rickety, that is (call me picky ;o)

  8. Those are pretty pictures and the bridge...very cool! I'm glad you chose to add a lot of photos.

  9. You are right! Hidden foot bridges are wondrous!