Friday, July 24, 2015

Rabbits On The Nature Trail

I have to tell you that I'm very excited today. I had my best day at a nature park since I've been here in Iowa. I didn't spend a long time on the nature trails, but I saw lots of stuff. I really hoped frequent trips to the little nature park up the road would give me the old feeling back, and so far it is working out really well.

When I got to the park there were rabbits everywhere. It looked like they were having a rabbit convention or something. There were dozens of them. I loved the squirrels from back in Michigan, but these rabbits today were a very good replacement.

As soon as I got out of the truck I got several rabbit pictures that were just okay, but I thought I could make a post out of them. But then after the first bend in the main trail I saw the two rabbits in today's pictures. I don't know how anyone else would rate the first picture, but I really love it. I consider it one of my best ever.

No, I didn't do any editing tricks to change the focus for this second picture. I just re-shot the picture several times. These two rabbits just stayed right there for several seconds while I took my pictures. They posed just perfectly for me.

Even the dog cooperated with me. She was on her best behavior and didn't make even a hint of a move toward these two rabbits even once. She knew they were there because she was staring right at them. But she was a very good girl today.

The grass the rabbits are sitting in is right in the middle of the trail. They mow the trails into the tall grass at the park. These trails are about due for another mowing. This is how they do the trails all over the area. We have plenty of tall grass around here.

This last picture is one of the rabbits after they finally decided to run. It's a bit of a disappointment after the first two pictures. This picture is typical of all of the other rabbit pictures I took. You can see it's nothing special, but I thought maybe you'd like an example of the other rabbit pictures.

I saw a few other things that I'll post about in the future. Maybe I'll see even better things on future trips here. From past experience I know sometimes I see a lot and sometimes I see very little. But the great thing about going to the nature parks a lot is that you never really know what you'll see.

I have some other non-nature park stuff that I may post next. It's something that I've wanted to do for years. Now I finally began this little thing. It's not quite as fun as seeing lots of animals, but I still like it a lot. Until then I hope you enjoy my rabbit pictures. I'll talk to you later.


  1. i too got very excited on seeing your first picture, i really love it, the expression of the rabbit captured is so awesome

  2. i do love that first shot. almost like a 'shadow' in the background. :)

  3. I look forward to seeing more shots...I love bunnies...but then, who doesn't (oh...the gardener)

  4. I am so glad that you found that nature park and are enjoying it.
    Loved the bunny pictures. Well done.

    1. Thanks. I should have started visiting this nature park like this a long time ago. I would have felt a lot better.

  5. It's so nice when everything works together and you can get some good shots! Love the bunny pics.

  6. That's cute - a rabbit convention!

  7. Your pictures are great. I love the first one with the one rabbit in focus and the one in the background blurry

  8. Maybe these rabbits can show the little mushroom where is the rabbit's hole.

  9. The first picture really is fabulous with the shadow effect of the background rabbit and the other in perfect sharp focus. However rabbits always make me happy and so your other pictures do too! I'm glad you're finding the joy again ... And I look forward to your other adventure.

  10. Sounds like a wonderful adventure Ratty. Rabbits are not always willing to stay still to be photographed! I love your enthusiasm. It is absolutely evident in this post!

  11. Wonderful pics Ratty, I do love the way you have picked out each rabbit individually for a close up!!

  12. The rabbits are so cute and it's amazing that your dog didn't go chasing after.