Friday, April 24, 2015

Spring In The Forest

Let's take a little break from my bird feeder. Many of you don't know yet that the bird feeder isn't my main thing. What you see in my pictures today is my main passion. What my blog is mainly about is my adventures in nature, usually a good forested nature park is what I like best.

You may not be able to see it well, but there is a dirt trail in the picture above. I didn't follow it far today, but I'm going to go back and follow it as far as I can. Today I was just out to experience nature at a few of my favorite places.

This place in the pictures is Stone Park in Sioux City, Iowa. There are nature trails and a nice lake here, but the main attraction to Stone Park is the roads where you can drive through for hours and see nature without getting out of your car. I like to get out though.

My pictures today are widescreen because I took them with my cellphone. I use a Windows Phone Lumia Icon because the camera on this phone is the best cellphone camera you can get. I wanted to use it today because I recently upgraded it so the pictures are even better than before. 

Some of these picture may seem like a mess and tangle of trees to a few of you, which is okay, but to me it is heaven. I have to tell you something I don't usually tell most people. I'm kind of a nervous person. I let my worries sometimes get the best of me.

But when I'm out in the middle of a forest like this, all of my negative thoughts of any kind simply vanish. When I'm out here a state of euphoria comes over me. I don't feel this good anywhere else in the world. Here in the forest I'm at total peace and joy. I hope everyone can find a place that does this for them.

I have more pictures than usual today because I figured, why not. I usually only like to do about three pictures per post, but this year I started doing a few posts with many more pictures than that. So I figured lots of pictures won't hurt too much as long as I don't write so much that you end up here all day. I do love to write, but I try to keep it somewhat short, and besides, you can always skim through it if you want.

The main thing I wanted to show you today in my pictures is the new spring. There aren't many leaves on the trees quite yet, but there are bunches of green here and there. This is my favorite time of year, when everything is all new and waking up. Nothing is more beautiful to me.

I think that should just about do it today. Expect more posts like this from me now. I'll still go back to the feeder every once in a while, but this is better. I don't even put the feeder out every day because of that greedy squirrel, and the birds aren't coming around nearly as much. I'll talk to you next time with something fun.


  1. My human and I are a little appalled that anyone would want to try to experience nature from their cars! What a silly and wrong idea. It's necessary to go out and be in the middle of it. You certainly know that, and your photos make it obvious. Some of your posts make my human want to get out more... and NOT in her car!

  2. nice place to walk :)

    Happy Friday to ya

  3. That forest is greening up all over. I was out yesterday admiring the green.

  4. awwwww....we all have a lot of "main things", share everything, we all have lots in common!!! looks like those woods are waking up, from a long winter's nap!!!!

  5. i am glad you have places that you can get away from life and take deep breaths of nature. :)

  6. Hello greetings and good wishes.

    Lovely photos although I can't see much of spring except for some greenery here and there. Probably after a few weeks the forest will be filled with lovely greenery and beautiful flowers.

    I also forget the world and find peace and joy when I am out with a camera taking photos. A camera in hand makes me see things which I don't normally see and makes me wonder how wonderful and magnificent nature really is.

    Best wishes

  7. I like walking through trails like this. It's so restful and peaceful.

  8. Looks like a nice place to explore. I know exactly what you mean about negative thoughts vanishing when you're out there. I'm the same way when I'm out walking

  9. I love to walk in places like that. And I'm glad it's spring so you can get back out there

  10. Looks like a great place to walk. I love walking in the forest. It's supposed to lessen stress and promote health in every way. It's a great way to relax.