Thursday, April 2, 2015

Rabbit Out Front

Last month I opened my door to let the dog out on her chain and I found this little rabbit sitting there waiting for us. The dog instantly went into predator mode and crouched down and got ready to sneak up on it. Well, the rabbit already saw us.

For some reason the rabbit froze in place for over a minute. That gave me the chance to step back inside and get my camera. The lucky thing is that my dog likes to sneak up on her targets nice and slow, so she hadn't yet moved off the porch. But she was watching.

I only have this one picture because they were all identical. The rabbit never moved. But then finally the dog leaped up out of her crouch and ran for the rabbit. The rabbit ran off to the left and over to the trees out of reach of the dog. I never had a chance to get any more pictures because both the rabbit and the dog were too fast for my camera.

My little town is just full of these rabbits. Whenever I go somewhere I see about half a dozen of them out my truck window running around the town. I see a few rabbits on my property most of the time when I go outside. Usually I don't have my camera with me. At least I was able to get this rabbit this time. I'll talk to you later.


  1. Every day a new drama. Thanks for making it come alive.

  2. Well that was nice of the rabbit to at least give the dog a chance to catch it :)

  3. I love your rabbits.

    And I too love your squirrels and deer.

  4. Just in time for the Easter Bunny.. So glad it got away. I very seldom see any rabbits where I am. Happy Easter Ratty! I haven't been on in ages. Not even going to try and catch up. I don't post much, but will try soon.

    1. It's good to see you here. Even though you haven't been posting much I still make sure I look for new stuff on your blog. Your pictures have always been some of my favorites.

  5. We have lots of rabbits and hares making appearances right now and Trojan loves to make chase...I really should take my camera out some time and try to get some photos!!

  6. Wonderful picture. I just love rabbits.