Thursday, April 30, 2015

Did I Tell You That I Love Bridges?

Today I have a simple footbridge for you. Sure it's not as exciting as the buffalo I showed you last time. But there's something special about bridges, at least for me. What's special about them is that I really like bridges. Does there need to be anything else?

This is not the most spectacular footbridge you'll ever see. That's okay because I like every bridge I see. This bridge just goes above a little dip in the land with a little creek running through it. It's also the beginning of a little nature trail that I have yet to explore.

When I took these pictures I only went across the bridge and then a few feet farther up the trail. I'll be going back sometime in the future to see where and how far this trail goes. Maybe I'll even see a few wild animals on my journey along the trail. I hope so.

Whenever I walk across a bridge I stop about halfway and take several pictures of the place this bridge crosses. There's always something interesting to see from there whether it's beautiful or ugly. I guess I consider it all beautiful because it's part of the world, even from a bridge that goes across a busy freeway.

But I like bridges like the one in my pictures the most. This one looks out across nature in all its glory. It's surrounded by trees and water. These to me are the most peaceful and beautiful things of all. I've told you many times before of the wonderful feeling that a forest gives me, so I'll leave it at that.

I've told you all this stuff about bridges before, all the times I've posted other pictures of bridges. I'll probably do it all over again on the next bridge I find. I can't help myself. I can't resist walking across a bridge when I find it. I even love it when I find other bloggers' pictures of bridges.

I also like boardwalk areas I find. They're like long bridges. I've been in a few places where boardwalks stretch on for a very long way over most interesting swampy areas. Sometimes the mosquitoes can be unbearable in those places, but the boardwalks keep me going back.

Bridges just seem to transport me to a whole other world. All outside things seem to vanish. I don't think there are as many nature bridges and boardwalks around me here as there were when I was in Michigan, but that's okay because I haven't seen all of the bridges here yet. I can't wait to find them. I'll talk to you later.


  1. When in the SE they had a neat boardwalk going through a swamp. I think of your passion when tramping across a new bridge while hiking.

  2. I like the thrum thrum of my footsteps...

  3. i like that you like bridges. :)

  4. There's a bridge over a freeway near our house that my human travels sometimes when she is out walking. It certainly doesn't have the beauty of this bridge, but it does make my human feel like she's going into another world (even if it does just take her to the neighboring city).

  5. I was thinking the exact same thing about boardwalks before I read that part of your post. Where I do most of my nature walking ... And get the same sorts of feelings. I liked this post very much and being a newish follower , I have never heard these thoughts before (and wouldn't mind hearing them again. )

  6. hehehe, "we" like everything!! "we" see everything as a photo opportunity!! i find bloggers and photographers have a lot in common. have a great weekend!!!!

  7. I've always liked bridges. They're attractive, and it's always fun to see what they're going over.

  8. Hello greetings and good wishes.'

    Surely you must be very brave to explore lonely places and forests. Unless I have company, I don't think I will go on an exploration in such unpopulated areas.

    Even in cities I will not try to explore overcrowded and narrow streets since one can be robbed or attacked.

    Your liking for bridges is perhaps something like coin collecting, stamp collecting or even collecting sea shell. A sort of wonderful hobby.

    My earlier blog posts were full of photos but now I deal with other subjects which arouse my interest. So my camera is getting rested and perhaps getting rusted. When we carry a camera in hand we see many things which we normally would not have noticed and in noticing them we tend to appreciate them more.

    Very interesting post with excellent photos. I enjoyed reading it.

    Best wishes