Thursday, January 10, 2013

Finally, A New Post

Writing this blog post is a big positive step for me right now. The reason for my long absence was something that I've suspected for a long time. Many of you know that I've been taking medicine for my head because of the car accident I was in. It has been helping a lot, but there is a very strange side effect.

The side effect is that I'm having trouble writing anything. At least that's the main problem I'm noticing. It effects other things as well. I'm sure you noticed that my writing had begun to drop off quite a bit before I finally stopped. It just became too difficult. My doctor confirmed that it was most likely the medicine after I explained the situation.

I can't stop taking the medicine, because it helps too much, and there's no real alternative. So right now the only real answer is to try to learn to overcome the side effects of the medicine, and write as much as I can.

I figure I'll come back slowly without pushing myself too much. I'm not sure how often I'll be able to write posts yet, but I think they'll come more frequently as I get used to thinking differently about how to push myself to write. I think I'll write a few posts and then begin thinking about commenting on other blogs.

The strange thing is that I can read anything I want, but when it comes to writing even a little bit, I just can't make myself do it. It's frustrating to think that anything could control my mind like that. Even while writing this, I have to stop and take short breaks every few sentences.

But I'm going to stop talking about all of this for now and begin talking about my love of nature. That's what this blog is really intended for anyway. I'm not going to ramble on too much about it this time, but I have a few pictures from some of my more recent outings. I've had trouble going out and taking pictures too, but I get out as much as I can.

These were actually taken a little over a month ago, but I took them intending to share them, so I hope you like them. I'll bring some more recent pictures as I write more posts. I may even try a post here and there with just pictures. That may help me post a little more often. I hate not being able to do this blogging thing at all.

Hopefully my next post will be a bit better than this one.


  1. I am glad to see you back! And I think you have figured out, finally, that what you really need to do is adjust to the "new normal." It sounds like before you were trying to recreate the old normal.

  2. Hi Ratty!
    Good to see you back.Keep on posting even only with pictures. You will doing great. Take care and God bless. Never too late to wish you a Happy New Year 2013.

  3. I love to see your nature pictures so don't feel bad about posting just pictures with some captions. I'll be over to view them! That is one strange side effect of that medicine. It is scary how drugs can control our brains. Maybe you should just try short posts for awhile.

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  5. Keep a pad with you and write power sentences when you get a thought of something fun to relay to friends. I write lots and use little,but it can work for poetry and prose.Headed to Pisgah area today.

  6. Ratty, you did a fine job with this post! I enjoy seeing photos from any time of the year. As Rose and Karen and Gerard point out above, you may want to post photos for awhile just to get your feet wet and without pressure to write. Take care of yourself.


  7. Nice to have you back where you belong! If writing is difficult just post more photos with a few words. Occasionally that will peak you interest in writing! Plus you've been wanting to do more photography, so why not?

  8. I'm glad to see you back! I enjoy your photos and what you write about them. Now I also appreciate what you go through to do that!

  9. I smelled a rat when I was switching on my computer.

    Oh yes! I am right.

    I see the coming back of Ratty.

  10. Oh Ratty I am so very happy you are back. You did a great job writing this. I just so so happy.

    I have a new blog now and I have already added you to my roll so I can keep up. I joined you on Google and added you to my reader. I don't want to lose track again.

    Please just do what you can and don't worry about visiting us right now. We love you and are just glad you are back!!

  11. Ratty, your post and photos are wonderful. You can only do what you can so take it easy and post when you are able. I am glad to see you are back and I wish you a very Happy and healthy new year. Take it easy.

  12. I am sorry Ratty, I have been away for vacation and yes, even before that, missed your absence in the blogosphere, I wish you very well, am glad despite the difficulty you are are trying your best to write something, please take your time, what matters most is you get better soon

  13. Your choice is like me. You are like such places that I like. Thank you for everything.