Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Isabella's Scary Foolishness

I'm still so busy that I'm having trouble finding time to be here right now. I had hoped that would have changed already. I had planned on spending a nice relaxing day reading some of my favorite blogs earlier today, but of course I never got to do that.

I recently ordered a new extra large hard drive for this computer. But after spending all day trying to get it to work, I finally had to give up and send it back because it was no good. I hope the replacement doesn't give me so much trouble.

Now all I have time for is to finally tell you the story of the danger my dog Isabella foolishly tried to put us both in on our latest adventure. The strange thing is that I had a strange premonityion that something like this might happen. Let's get to my little tale.

The picture above shows the view from a place atop Stone Park. This place hovers perilously hundreds of feet above the highway below. The only protection on this particular trail is the little fence you see in the picture. That fence is only about ten feet in length and at its end on either side is a very dangerous drop. A person is safe only as long as they don't behave foolishly here.

Notice the mini-van in the far distance below? Well, as it happens, Isabella likes to chase cars. As I was taking just a few quick pictures to show you just how far up we were, that mini-van came cruising by on the road below.

I heard it coming from a distance, but didn't think anything of it. After all, it was far away from us. I then decided that a picture of it might help to show the distance. It actually worked rather well, as you can see it looks very small down there. I didn't account for a foolish dog though.

This next picture was the one I took as Isabella yanked on her leash in an attempt to chase that van. Luckily, I was able to grab tight and hold my ground while yelling at her to stop. It would have been only a few feet for her to fall over the side to her death, possibly taking me with her. She's a big dog.

Needless to say, this was also the last picture I took from this place, and the last time I'll take her there. The place is not unsafe, but it is not a place for foolishness. I never thought Isabella would try to do something like that. This was perhaps the scariest thing that ever happened to me on one of my hikes. I'm just glad we were standing at the right end of the fence to keep her safe.

I quickly took us both back up the trail toward my truck and to a safer path. I think Isabella must have realized what she did afterwards because she got a little sick all over the ground when we got about halfway back. I hope she doesn't forget this incident. I know I won't.


  1. My dog is very high-spirited and there are places where I really don't want to take here either. (Especially in country where there are a lot of bears.)

  2. I can't believe Isabella actually tried to chase a car that was that far away! I BET that was really frightening.

    Why dogs want to chase cars, I will never understand. But then, dogs probably wonder why we kitties like to lie under cars. Either way, it can be bad news.

  3. That was a close call, Ratty! I'm glad both of you are safe.

  4. Glad you both are all right! You never know what a dog is going to do. My dog went after a squirrel unexpectedly when holding her leash and while I had camera in hand,I dropped it on hard stone, breaking it. Boo hoo.

  5. Man does learn through experience.

    I believe dog behaves the same.

    Just like how she learns to chase after a car.

  6. I'm very glad you and the dog are ok. I bet your heart skipped a beat, I know mine would have. Try to have a relaxing weekend.

  7. Wow, that would have been some fall, glad you and Isabella are both ok

  8. Oh, gees! What was she thinking???! Well, I'm glad you are both safe. At least you learned a tough lesson here--you can't trust her around cars anymore.


  9. Ratty, that was scary and I'm so glad it turned out alright. Thank God you two are safe.

  10. oh, sorry to hear about that, that was scary indeed, but glad to know you both are safe.

  11. Isabelle is a spirited animal. It will take time for her to settle down. Keep working with her, especially on commands. With time she will mellow and you will be able to relax.

  12. Glad to hear you are both alright. It sounds like Isabella could benefit from some obedience training. In the woods it is very important for a dog to obey commands.