Thursday, January 5, 2012

Bird Interrupted

I went outside today and upon opening the front door I began hearing something I haven't been hearing around here recently. The chirping of birds! I guess they've been all hiding out, thinking that winter would be here.

But today the temperature was in the 50s. it felt like a warm spring day outside. That's very strange for around here. In years past they would have been buried by snow right now, and the cold weather would keep most people inside.

Instead, I was hearing the sounds of happy birds in my trees in the front of the house. It sounded like am invitation for me to get my camera and come running back out for pictures. So out I came, camera in and. I soon began aiming the lens at every sound coming from the trees.

I quickly picked up a few pictures of this woodpecker. It wasn't quite as close as I'd like, but it was the most brightly colored creature in the trees. Only one problem was troubling me. The pictures were loking kind of funny. I then checked the camera settings to find out they were all wrong!

So I had to stop and take the time to reset everything. Then when I was happy that all of my settings were back where they were supposed to be, I pointed my camera back to the trees to capture more images of happy little birdies.

But then from behind me came another sound. It was a deep scary sound. The kind of sound that makes birds for miles around flee in total terror! "Woof!"

Isabella was having none of this picture taking. That woof sound was dog language for, "Pay attention to me!" I resisted for as long as I could, but the birds had all fled to better trees far away in a paradise where there were no big black monsters.

So inevitably my camera turned towards the only thing left around that was moving, except for an old plastic bag that was waiting to be picked up. Isabella did a great job of posing for the camera. I took many pictures of this oversized camera hog. But only one picture of my dog is very exciting for a random reader, so this is all I'll torture you with.

She thinks she's a star. "Dramatic pose," click!

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  1. I can still the bird clearly! It sure is pretty, but Isabella deserves some attention too :-)

  2. The little bird really looks very pretty; i wish i could see more of it. But thats okay coz you cant ignore isabella for those birds. You can get the shot of those little birds any other time, but ignoring isabella would hurt her feelings.

  3. You need to get some feeders going and they will come.your dog could have been jealous you were paying attention to another lady, that downy.

  4. Well as much as I like seeing pictures of birds a shot of Isabella is nice too. I don't blame her for demanding equal time one bit :)

  5. i still see them, and their wonderful colors, haha, Isabella is lovely and deserves the attention and pictures too :)

  6. @Icy BC
    Isabella can be an attention hog at times, but at other times she is very helpful with spotting birds.

    I know there will be other times when I get to see the birds more clearly, and Isabella will even help me with that.

    @Out on the prairie
    I've been thinking of getting some kind of feeders for the birds, but I'm torn between doing it and keeping things a little more wild.

    I like showing pictures of Isabella but I also want to stick to wilder animals most of the time.

    In Isabella's hunger for the spotlight, she forgets that too much of her is not as mysteriously fun as the birds.

  7. Happy New Year Ratty!!

    Hope this year will be a great year and great adventure!!! God bless..

  8. The dog here ruins my Bird TV sometimes too!

  9. @Rose Ragai
    Happy New Year to you too, Rose! It's good to see the name of one of my first blogging friends here again! I hope this upcoming year will be great for you too.

    That's true! I forgot about your dog friend. It must be a pain for you sometimes.

  10. Well I loved finaly meeting Isabella...and I think she did a fantastic job at posing for the camera!!

  11. @Amin
    Thank you!

    Isabella is sometimes an excellent poser. But most times she won't stand still for more than a second.