Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Hiding Squirrel

One picture today, yes, just one picture! But it's one that I like. This is the little squirrel that lives in my backyard. I came upon it as it was out visiting some of the other trees and I was out walking Isabella. I must have surprised the poor little thing because I was at a different place than I usually am.

I saw the little squirrel scurrying through the trees, but when he saw me he quickly ran behind these branches and wouldn't come back out. I waited for quite some time, but the little squirrel stayed in this one spot the whole time.

I stood there taking picture after picture hoping to get a clearer view, but I ended up with this same picture about twenty times. Eventually I gave up and went away, probably to this poor little guy's great gratitude. The dog wanted some excitement, so we found her a good place to pee, her favorite thing to do. A short but good adventure.

Rat Tales - Fast food for the mind! All the grease might give you indigestion, but it tastes too good to resist.


  1. I like the blue background color in your photo! It is neat! The squirrels around here are building nests.

  2. @Icy BC
    The sky was clear that day, and it shined through the tree in a good way. That blue glow is what revealed the hiding place of the squirrel to me.

  3. well he almost evaded the camera.

  4. I would love to see one of those red colored squirrels.
    Merry Christmas Ratty!!!

  5. @Ann
    He came real close, but his hiding place wasn't quite good enough.

    I'd love to see one of those where I live now. I'll have to bring back the picture of the red squirrel I have that looks similar to this picture.

  6. I think it's a great picture of him Ratty. He's just hiding a bit. The sun sure gives him a nice red tinge.
    Have fun. I'm so glad you have Isabella.

  7. @Ginnymo
    Thanks. I was glad the squirrel hid there. I wouldn't have gotten the picture from anywhere else on the tree.

  8. The squirrel totally did NOT want to be photographed. I know the feeling.

  9. @Sparkle
    I think that squirrel might like being photographed a little more if it was featured in cool calendars and other things like you are. You should be proud.