Sunday, August 7, 2011

Mating Butterflies

I've been chasing butterflies for the past few days. My results weren't looking good at first, but later I began to get some excellent pictures. And then I discovered that I wasn't the only one chasing the butterflies. They were chasing each other.

Look very closely at my pictures today. You'll see not just one, but two butterflies in the pictures. Judging by their behavior, it must be their mating season. I'm pretty sure that's why I was so easily able to get these pictures. They were not paying one bit of attention to me.

These two butterflies were some of the very few creatures I found out at my pond that I showed you yesterday. Even though I usually like to bring you animals, it's okay because there were many animals in my adventures in other places. And I like my pond.

I brought you four pictures today even though I intended to make this post a short one. I just couldn't decide which pictures to share with you. None of them are spectacular, but each one gives you a unique view that we don't get to see very often.

Okay, now it's time to take a break from the butterflies and give you another little blogging tip. This one can be used by anyone. There is a Firefox add-on I use called Firebug. Firebug is a tool that helps you easily examine the underlying HTML and CSS code of any website you're currently viewing. I use this tool heavily. It helps me learn how some of the things on a website work.

Before I tell you where you can get it, I'll say that Internet Explorer and Google Chrome have similar tools built in. To access them, all you have to do is hit F12 on your keyboard. Firebug works best though.

I'll give you two links to get Firebug. Firebug is their website. You can download it from there, and you can learn how to use it from there. Go there and do some reading. It won't hurt a bit. Here's the Firefox Add-ons site for Firebug. You can get it there too.

While using Firebug or one of its alternatives, do some experimenting. You can use these tools to temporarily edit websites; any websites. Refreshing the page brings them back to normal. Firebug is what I use to find out how to do many of the little tricks I've learned. I used it to find out how to make the Blogger toolbar disappear.

So try it out if you have time. You won't learn everything all at once, but you can get a good beginning. If you love fiddling around with your blog template, you'll love Firebug. Let me know if you decide to try it.

Back to the butterflies. This last picture was the one I almost dumped because it is so blurry, but it offers an angle to this little peep show that the others don't. Now you can get a better look at both butterflies. I actually left them there like that because I felt I had quite enough pictures.

Because I've had a lot of good encounters over the past few days I'm going to be posting a little more often for the time being. My next post will be tomorrow. Tomorrow's post will feature one of the most amazing encounters I've ever had. And I caught it on video! I can't wait to show you!

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  1. I didn't even notice the second butterfly until I got to the last picture. After scrolling back up through them I could see it though. I guess I'm not very observant :)

  2. Hey Ratty thanks for the blogging tips... i just learned it, i always use the "view source code" and take the stuff from there. I have to try with this fire*** thing youmentioned.

  3. The other butterfly was really covered by the upper one in upper phoro...the last photo really shows them both... lovely miraclesof nature!

  4. This year we have a shortage of butterflies in our yard comparing to last.

    Your photos are just awesome! Thank you for sharing the information on Firebug..

  5. I saw two different types of butterfly yesterday, dancing with each other. I thought it odd. Surely they do not interbreed. Maybe they were fighting.

  6. Thanks for more tips!

    Loved all the photos.

  7. Everyone seems to be seeing butterflies now. Love the pics!! I like your tips. Not sure if I'll bother with this one though. I don't sit very long at the computer. Now you be careful chasing those butterflies. You might forget and end up in a strange place..Ha! Reminds me of when I was a kid and would start following something and end up being too far away.

  8. I did tried to look for butterflies sleeping at night. Ended up with plenty of mosquitoes bites.

  9. cute pictures of butterflies. i do sometimes check the html source of websites, but my technologically challenged brain has a lot of difficulty understanding :(

  10. I see that there is a "lite" version of Firebug for Chrome (my human and I stopped using Firefox a while back). I will have to have my human check it out and report back to me. I am glad to see the butterflies mating - means more butterflies for me to watch!

  11. Hello! I think I have not seen before so like ones...Beautiful!