Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Egret Caught Fishing

A few posts ago I brought you a Great Egret that flew away as I was taking its picture. Well, if you walk far enough, you can find anything. I was able to walk over to where this egret went, and I found something wonderful. I caught this egret while it was fishing!

It didn't get anything while I was there, but it tried well enough. I guess fishing is sometimes like taking pictures. Sometimes you get something good and sometimes you don't. The best thing is that you get to keep on trying until something good happens.

The next picture is this big bird caught right in the act! I actually don't remember any of this happening while I was taking the pictures. Any of you who have been reading for awhile know why. I guess I'm glad I got the pictures! I do remember seeing the bird there and taking the pictures though. I was amazed to find these on my camera.

Before I go on with my little story I want to pause for a minute with something I'm a little uncomfortable with simply because I've never done it before. I guess this is a bit of a commercial break. I was contacted by two different companies recently, and they each offered to send me products to try out all for free.

The first product is a very good pair of hiking shoes called Columbia Master of Faster Low Omni-Tech. My feet are kind of huge and a bit wide, and I've had trouble getting shoes that fit quite right in the past. I was almost sure that I'd have problems with these, but they are actually some of the best shoes I've had. My feet actually fit good in them!

The first thing I noticed was that these shes are the lightest shoes I've ever known. I usually get light shoes, but these are lighter than all of them. They were a little tight because I don't even know the size of my giant feet, but they are loosening up real nicely now. And they are very comfortable. I really like them a lot. So if you'd like to find out more about this brand of shoes then you can visit their website, where they have even much more than shoes: Columbia

The next product I was sent was coffee cup lids called XPress Lids. Oh, you may think that's nothing special, but these lids are actually very special. They sent me the lids, some cups, and some coffee to put in them. These lids actually enable you to brew coffee right in your cup! You can actually have normal coffee as easily as instant, and it tastes much better.

You put the grounds right in the cup, and the special lids act as a filter. it works really well, and I was able to even add cream and sweetener. I really liked this because I don't own a coffee maker, and I was really getting tired of instant coffee. If you want to find out more about this product you can go to their website: Xpress by SmartCup

What do you think? Did I do these two products justice? I really do like Columbia's shoes and the XPress lids are a really good invention too. I hope some of you check one or both out. They already sent me these for free, so I had no obligation to write about either one. I just really have enjoyed both. I've been offered other products before and since, but these were the only two I've ever felt were worth doing anything about.

But now back to my normal stuff. The picture above is the egret shaking itself off like a dog would do. I never thought a bird would do that. They look too fragile to even be able to do something like this. I'm pretty sure I remember that the bird got irritated with me soon after this and flew away again. no pictures of that though.

The trails at this park don't go very far, but there sure is a lot of water animals to see here. You don't even have to go on the trails to see most things. I like the trails though. Walking is just so relaxing for me. There's nothing better.

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  1. Walking in nature, away from the asphalt, there is a feeling of peace and tranquility. And then, admiring their beauty in these animals, contact with nature is even more appreciated. Thank you

  2. Ratty, you got some great shots of the egret in action. Too bad he didn't catch anything but not for lack of trying.

    No reason to be uncomfortable about the commercial breaks. You've seen a lot of reviews and such on my blog. Nice reviews on both products by the way.

    I love the reflections you captured in those last two photos.

  3. WhenI was in Eastern europe they made coffe in the cup. You had to remember not to drink the last dreg.Lovely shots,it seems silly these birds were almost wiped out for their feathers.

  4. First of all, I love your shots of this beautiful egret! I don't know where you go to see them, but they are just gorgeous..

    Second, I'm glad you enjoyed the products, Ratty! The shoes would help you feel more comfortable in your exploring.

  5. Cool captures of the Egret,Ratty.
    I also enjoyed your product reviews. Columbia is a good brand. The one cup coffee brewer would be great when camping. Thanks for the info!

  6. The Nature has attracted you, just like you have attracted us, some others.

    Well done.

  7. great catch- that egret with the water just splashing off it.

  8. Great series of photos! You certainly do have a knack for photographing the critters, and I enjoy seeing the results!

  9. Some great shots of the Egret fishing...maybe next time you'll be lucky enough to be around when it catches a fish. i can sympathize with the Egret not getting a bite this time ....being a fellow fisherman!!

  10. Oh and I checked out the coffee lids as i was really impressed with your write up about them....and they look great but unfortunately only ship throughout the states.

  11. I would like to make friends with that Egret... or maybe with a different one who is better at fishing!

  12. Egrets have begun to appear here in West Sussex. The little ones.

  13. These are such wonderful pictures! Clear, with such detail. I feel like I'm standing there with you, even though I don't have those light, comfy Columbia shoes!

    How nice to get something free to try out. That coffee gizmo sounds really interesting, too.

    Egrets are such beautiful birds! You seem to have become an egret whisperer!

  14. The coffee cups sound like a great thing. Have to look into it before my hubby's next birthday:)

  15. Beautiful post! Wonderful photos! Thanks!

  16. Thank you all for your wonderful comments. They really do brighten my day.