Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Wood Thrush

I have a few things to mention today. The first thing is this little bird in my pictures. I believe it is a wood thrush, but I'm not at all sure. there are just so many other birds that look similar. After a long search I determined which bird it was by a close look at the beak.

There are still other birds with similarly colored beaks, but this one seemed to match the best, so I decided it was a wood thrush. If anyone knows that I'm wrong then I'd love to know it. Things like that help us all learn more. But even if I am wrong, this is only one insignificant blog out of thousands. I'm just happy I found this little bird.

Oh. I found this little bird while it was close to the ground. It was hiding from a hawk. Many of the animals were staying close to the ground while a hawk flew over the forest. I guess it's safer down there while under cover of trees. That tactic doesn't seem to work as well out in the open. At least it didn't for that snake from a few posts ago.

Many of you may have noticed my absence from this blog and others the past week. Ever since my now long ago car accident I am very forgetful. If something is not right in front of me I will forget it ever existed, even important things like my blog.

The neurologist I see recently gave me a memory test that I'll learn the results of next time I go back. I'm hoping that maybe that's the start of my memory returning, but I'm very doubtful. Along with my memory goes my positive attitude sometimes, so I stay away from the internet during those times. I say this so you may ignore any negative things about my health that I mention. I'm mostly okay.

What I really care about is this wood thrush. I'm not sure if anyone can imagine how good I feel even looking at the pictures from when I visit nature. Going to these places is just exhilarating. I had actually forgotten most of my last few trips until I began writing this post.

There were a few good sightings that I've had, and I also got to do something that I've never done before! I can't wait to post about that! Most of you will think it isn't much of course, because it really isn't. But I'm still very excited.

Is anyone else geekily awaiting that new Blogger interface like I am? 

Until next time, Batma... uh, Ratty, signing off!

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  1. It is always good to see you here, Ratty! I miss you when you're absent and I know it is frustrating since you're accident. I am dealing with the infirmities caused by aging..I cannot believe how much this arthritis is interfering with my life. I've started physical therapy which helps somewhat but I am aware that arthritis is a degenerative disease and there is only o much that can be done!

  2. This looks identical to our British song thrush. A bird which seems to be getting rarer over here. Now I know why. They are moving to the USA.
    Hope your test results are better than you expect. Keep those blog posts coming. Cheers!

  3. The wood thrush has the most beautiful song in the forest. Clear, simple, melodic.

    Still thinking about your full recovery. These things take time. Hang in there you'll get better.

  4. Great shots! I've never gotten a Wood Thrush photo in all the years of bird watching. Sending good thoughts for your recovery.

  5. Nice photos of this little bird! I've never seen one. Or if I have I didn't know what it was. I have a problem identifying birds too and will guess at what they are sometimes. I do hope your memory will get better with time Ratty. How frustrating for you. Thank heavens for nature! Take care.

  6. Your bird looks like a Wood Thrush to me. I have only one photo of this neat bird. memory an't what it use to be either but my excuse is age. Don't happy.

  7. "I'm not sure if anyone can imagine how good I feel even looking at the pictures from when I visit nature." - i can imagine since i look at my nature pics too whenever I need some inspiration, and one thing I love about blogging is finding some who shares the same joy and seeing and learning more from nature through other's experiences.

    Hope you continue to get better.

  8. Hope you are getting better and better.

    Those little think the same.

    They must behave like the little Puffed-throated Babblers at Cerok Tokun, singing all the way when I have my hiking in the morning.

    Telling me, " Have a good day!"

  9. I can totally relate to how seeing the bird makes you feel. I've found that when I'm down the best medication is a walk in nature.

  10. No matter what is going on with you physically, you still got that awesome wood thrush photo - and judging from the comments, that was a pretty rare thing to snag! So that definitely counts for something.

  11. I like to just go outside, anywhere really, when my head is full and relax and soaking in nature.

    Hope you feel better and better to enjoy all your exploring. Wonderful photos as always Ratty!

  12. How did I miss this post? What a great catch. Yes, it's a wood thrush, most often heard and seldom seen. Their singing is one of the sweetest sounds in the forest.