Monday, May 9, 2011

Random Fascinations

I decided to show you some random stuff I found today. This is a very good thing because I originally planned on making each of these an individual post. Instead I'm going to take the lazy way out.

The bird you see above is about the size of a sparrow. I'm guessing that it probably is some kind of sparrow, or at least is maybe related. What I find interesting about this bird is its yellow shoulder marks. And I know I've seen this type of bird somewhere before, but after a preliminary search I decided I'm too lazy right now tofind its identity.

So why am I bringing you these geese? They are just two geese standing on top of Carpenter Lake Dam. Well, What we have here are geese doing what geese do best. These poop machines are showing why so many people around here dislike them.

I still like them though because rain always cleans the dam and they don't fill this nature park too much with their droppings. My friends the geese. They love what they do.

 S is for snake, but after about one tenth of a second I knew this was not. What it is is a twig that looks like an S. So S is really for Sharkbytes because it was her that first looked for letters in nature, and now I do it too when I see something even close. Go visit her blog when you're done here.

My last little prize for you today is this little chipmunk. This is my first chipmunk picture of the year! This little fella thought he could hide from me, but no little critter can long evade the watchful gaze of an Everyday Adventurer.

That's right. I can watch them like a hawk. (That's a clue.) Keep watching!

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  1. It's fun to see random stuffs like this..The stick looks like a snake..You have good eyes.

  2. I love the Geese up on top of that damn like that. It's a good thing chipmunks can hide in a bunch of leaves so they can't be seen too well. Glad you got to see one!!

  3. You did find a few treasures.I wondered if you had a warbler.

  4. I also found a snake yesterday, but I was to scared to take a good shot, especially when it kinda looked at me, but the snale was quite far. I quickly moved away with heart beating fast. I love your shots.

  5. I heard that Geese poop every three minutes. I once tried timing them but gave up when I realised what I was doing. :-)

  6. That chipmunk certainly is well camouflaged in his bed of leaves! You must have pretty sharp eyes to have spotted him. I guess some hungry predator might well do the same.

    Do geese eat that much that they need potty breaks so often?

    I am not crazy about snakes or even things that resemble them!!

    Good shots, Ratty!

  7. Wonderful assortment of random shots. How cool that you found that stick. It's a perfect s

  8. Keeping watching, with our eyes wide open.

    They are there.

  9. Great catch! That's a Myrtle Warbler. See my pic of one at Love the variety, and thanks for the link. It's a great S too.

  10. I love the chipmunk shot. Good thing you were the one who saw through his camouflage and not, say, a kitty or... maybe a hawk!

  11. Aw, the little chipmunk blends well with those leaves, good thing too with hawks in the area.

    Canada geese are great poop machines.

  12. It's a Yellow-rumped Warbler. We probably see this beautiful bird here in NC more than you do in MI.
    Nice pix!