Friday, May 20, 2011

Nuthatch and Annoyance

So there I was, peacefully taking pictures of this little white-breasted nuthatch when I was rudely interrupted. Another person came stumbling loudly around the corner of the trail and the nuthatch, which was so comfortable with me, fled from this interloper.

At least that's how I saw it at the time. In truth, the other person didn't know what I was doing, and he was minding his own business. I actually like seeing people at these parks I visit, but only at the right moments and the right amounts. When I found this particular park a few years ago it was virtually empty, but now it's full of people walking their dogs.

This is not a good environment for a person trying to enjoy the quiet and trying to get loads of pictures. I love this park and I really don't mind the people, but I've been thinking that it's time to visit some of the other quieter parks a little more often. This one has been just so darn convenient for a quick walk though.

This was one of the last pictures I got before I began to rush in an attempt to get all I could. I quickly lost the bird as it flew back into the forest. On most days this place is like a cornucopia of animals for my camera. And the trails are never muddy. Never.

So what should I do? Continue to endure constant interruptions, or travel the very muddy paths of another park? That is the problem I am now facing. Maybe I could do both. I've been hesitant to go very far this year, but I also feel the need to push myself. I guess every day is a new adventure.

I'll be right back here tomorrow with something new.

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  1. Hiya Ratty, sorry not been by in a while but I have been seeing your posts (i get your emails!). This is a lovely set of photos.

    I saw my first ever nuthatch the past weekend. I was fishing and in the tall tree next to me I kept hearing squawking baby birds. I looked up and there was what looked like an old woodpecker nest (a perfect round hole in the tree) and the mum and dad nuthatch kept flying in to feed the screaming babies. All day! I was so pleased to see it.

    see you!

  2. beautiful pictures, you are correct, they may just be doing their own business, but it is interruption to what we do that they do not know, i have several of that experience too :(

  3. Too bad that other person had to scare off the nuthatch. You got some great pictures while he was there though. I love watching those birds.

  4. Well. At least you got a couple of good shots before being interrupted. Ha! I wouldn't go into areas where you might be all alone Ratty. You do good even with people around. Maybe you should take some photos of them as well.. Then they might run faster..ha ha!

  5. My human is very much a loner, and she goes out of her way to avoid other humans unless she is in the mood for them. So of course, she would say to visit the quieter parks.

  6. Love the nuthatches! They are quite acrobatic!