Thursday, February 17, 2011

Somebody's Watching Me

I wasn't sure what would happen when I set out on this warm winter day that hinted of the coming spring. I hoped my recent bad luck would turn for the better, and I had a good feeling as soon as I reached the often used beginning section of the trail. But I had the strange feeling that someone was watching me.

I looked around for the spy, but never found this sneak who watched over my every move. I just had the feeling there were eyes on my back. I didn't think the watcher had bad intentions of any kind. He was just curious. Of course, there have been hidden watchers before. They usually turned out to be curious animals. So I made a decision.

I looked up! I had heard some birds singing in the trees, so I was sure one of those was the culprit. I stopped and kept very still so I wouldn't make the little spy nervous. I didn't want it to fly away. Maybe I could return the favor by watching it right back. And maybe I could get a picture or two.

But I found nothing on my initial scan of the branches. Where could he be? I knew the watcher was there. If only I could find him...

So I decided to take a little closer look. The trees have no leaves this time of year, so anything there would quickly be revealed to my searching eyes. But that's all I was able to see, the bare branches of the tree.

It's been so long since I'd seen anything wild that I wondered if I could still find anything. Would I still be able to take pictures without messing them up? There were definitely some doubts in my mind. But I still felt the love of nature, and that's all I really need. I knew the proper instincts would all come back when I needed them.

And that's when I saw it! I found the watcher that seemed to be hidden so well from my recently unpracticed sight. It had never really been hidden after all. It was waiting there right in the open for my instinct for nature to awake from its long slumber. It had always been there. All I had to do was open my mind to nature again. The watcher was the Moon. And there he was gazing down at me.

Nature is never far away, wherever you go. It's a friend that will never desert you. All you have to do is truly open up to it. You could be in a forest of trees or a forest of tall buildings. Sometimes all it takes to find nature is to look up. Remember that nature is always there waiting... and watching.

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  1. Yes, nature has been waiting and watching....for you. So glad you are back.

  2. I was waiting for one of your peanut grabbing friends.It is nice to have some melting and warm weather.

  3. Yes, there's that white ball floating in the pool again! Glad you got out. This warm spell is bad for the snow, but might call out some of our critter friends.

  4. Great post Ratty!! Don't you just love it when the moon is sitting there in the daylight hours?? I do. Glad you got out to enjoy that nice day! The squirrels are in their nest with babies and am anxious to see them in the spring as well as the fox pups. I know their babies are already born. The males are arguing over the food late into the night sometimes.. Take care. Spring is just around the corner!

  5. The man in the moon had his eye on you :) I love spotting the moon during the day

  6. For Sure Ratty! the moon was so bright here the other night, we almost didn't have to use our headlights on the car.
    I love those big moon days and nights!

  7. So I have been watched for so long.

    And the moon watched me so openly yesterday.

  8. Glad to see you back into more adventures now.
    Sometimes, if not often, we tend to ignore that kind of "watcher", and look what we missed.
    Great photo shots.

  9. I so agree, brother! In fact, I so agree that I posted a picture of our same moon just a few days ago! There is beauty in nature all around us!

  10. What a lovely post...and a fantastic shot of the moon...nice to have you back Ratty.. :-)