Sunday, November 28, 2010

Shiny Black Squirrel

I have awakened from my turbulent slumber to bring you some absolutely amazing pictures of the latest little creature that I have discovered. Now, many of you who have been longtime readers here already know the identity of this shiny black bundle of fur. That's right, it's a black squirrel!

But this isn't just any black squirrel. It just happens to be the subject of the best pictures of a wild black squirrel I've ever had. I've had some better pictures of some tame squirrels that liked to beg for food, but this squirrel is one of those that I like to call Ninjas of the Forest. And they are usually only seen as ghostly black streaks.

This one either missed my presence in the forest, or it found itself paralyzed under my astounding hypnotic gaze. And, of course, it could have just all been a coincidence. We can never be sure which it may be, but I have no doubt that you can figure it out.

Before I go on, I'd like to answer a few questions that were in the comments section of my last post. First, I am almost always alone when I go on my adventures. That hasn't made it very easy recently because of my car accident. My head doesn't seem to be improving as I hoped it would. I am still having severe headaches and confusion.

Because of this, I have been having a bit of trouble keeping a proper concept of time. I had no idea that I hadn't posted anything here for so long. I haven't been out visiting nature much either because I'm just not up to it yet. It doesn't help that the days have gotten so much shorter here and the temperature has dropped so much.

It all gives my mind the feeble excuse to sit here and stare at the wall rather than do what I really like. I actually have to concentrate extra hard to get anything done at all. But I've decided to do just that. I'm going to make a bit more of an effort to get back to my old self again. One of these days I'll be back here every day again. But let's move on from the whiny excuses.

Even though it's not the season for many other animals right now, the black squirrels are out in full force. And the odd thing is that they seem to be taking over the forest here. I've been seeing the population of the fox squirrels dwindling, and the smaller black squirrels are moving into their territory to fill the empty space.

It's all very interesting to witness, but I don't want to lose my precious fox squirrels altogether. The variety is what I like so much about the squirrels around here. I can walk just a quarter of a mile and find three or four different types of squirrel. Black squirrels are a fun novelty for me, but the fox squirrels are my oldest friends among them.

I started this blog to keep me going back out to my hiking trails. And as I write all of this right now, I wish I were out there right now. Maybe that is the key. I need to get back to what I love the most. I miss the squirrels, the trails, all of the other animals, and nature altogether. Just this last time I saw this wonderful black squirrel. Who knows what I might see next!

Nature Center Magazine - I'm still here at Nature Center Magazine, writing mini versions of my normal posts from The Everyday Adventurer. The format is a bit different, but it's still all about the enjoyment of nature.


  1. Beautiful shiny black squirrel, Ratty, and you're right about the black squirrels coming out in full force. Even in the middle of the city, the numbers of squirrels are endless to count.

    Hope you feel better and better every day!

  2. Glad to see the black squirrel is back.

    It is bringing some good news about you.

  3. Beautiful shots of the little black ninja's of the forest :) I've been watching the little squirrels out in my front yard quite a bit lately but no black ones there.

  4. I love the black squirrel!

    I enjoy feeding the local birds and squirrels . . . I love to sit outside and watch them interact. Lots of squirrels . . . but never have I seen a black squirrel. Maybe they don't like the heat and humidity of Florida.

    We live close to Busch Gardens and I guess they attract many types of birds to the area . . . it is not unusual to see hundreds of wild parrots perched and causing a commotion in the oak trees.

    I love nature! Thanks for the awesome post . . . hope you feel better with steady improvement so you can enjoy doing those things you love.


  5. I have been shooting a lot of deer while it is rut. Getting thinner so it must be nearly over.

  6. Ratty, Your photos of this Black Squirrel are your best yet!!!
    Wishing you a total recovery....soon!

  7. I am so glad to see you and the squirrel back. What a wonderful capture you got there.

    I hope you get much much better, health wise, very soon! yes as jean says...Total Recovery!!

  8. Those are wonderful shots - even if your head is not healing as quickly as you want, you still have not lost your touch! You may have even gotten better, in fact.

  9. So do the black squirrels become more openly active in the colder months because it is harder to find food??

    Nice to see you posting again and I hope you soon get back out on the trails!!

  10. Wonderful black squirrel photos, you're right, the best yet. Keep up the good fight Ratty. You'll beat the fog with time and effort. Try a little trail beating, it just might help.

  11. Being out in nature is the best cure for me and I'm sure you feel the same way. You Black Squirrel is a favorite of mine. Perhaps he reminds me of a black stallion.

  12. I have never seen such a shiny black squirrel..
    this is so amazing...
    keep updating..

    from Nagarhole

  13. Thanks for all of your comments. :)
    I'm just getting better from a bout of the flu, so I was down all the way for a few days. I'll answer a few questions. Hopefully, my next post will be much sooner than this one was.

    @Gina Alfani - the black squirrels are a type of gray squirrel that likes to live in small isolated tribes. So there are people who live only a few miles away from me who have never heard of them either. They are a fun novelty for whoever gets to live near them. There is a type of fox squirrel, called a monkey squirrel, that is unique to Florida.

    @Allotments4you - Yes, they do become very much more active, but not because of food. Actually, fall is the mating season for many of these squirrels, and they are in a mating frenzy. It may be right at the end though now. I once watched about fifty of them just boil out of an old dead tree while they were in this frenzy.

  14. I added myself to follow your blog. You are more than welcome to visit mine and become a follower if you want to.

    God Bless You :-)


  15. Hello, I would like to get your permission to exchange links, can we? :)

    Thanks, looking forward to your reply

  16. Great photos!
    Honestly I didn't even know about the existence of such animal. It's beautiful!

  17. Ratty- Sure hope you are improving steadily, if only slowly. It seems worrisome that this is taking so long.

  18. The black squirrels are cute, I've never seen a squirrel other than the gray ones. I've about about 6 or 7 that frequent my yard daily. I have a lot of fun just staring out of my back window at the squirrels digging in the yard. Watching them stand on their back feet then out of nowhere doing a backflip and running up then back down the tree. Never understood why so many people despise squirrels, I find them cute and entertaining.

  19. Hey Ratty! I've been gone from the blogs for a while and you were still in early recovery when last I heard. It was a delight to open your page and see a fantastic squirrel picture and find out you were gradually reclaiming your life.

    All the best in your efforts to heal and to continue enjoying your life at the same time.

  20. I popped over to let you know I am thinking of you!!

  21. Love your blog (I visit you from entrecard). Where did you get the title for your blog?

  22. Amazing shots! hahaha - apparently this black squirrel didn't get the stealth memo. The shiny fur is really cool.

  23. Thanks for all of your comments, everyone. And thanks for your concern. I'll be fully recovered eventually. It just gets discouraging sometimes that it is taking so long. I'm trying to be more positive about it now though. This blog has always been intended to help me be more positive.

    @exercise burn fat - I thought up the name for this blog when I created it. It was one of a few that I had in mind, and I picked this one. It was intended to describe in just a word or two what this blog is about.

  24. you have very nice photos is your blog. and I love most of them; especially this very black shiny squirrel. never seen one before.