Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Fool In The Rain

When I stepped outside I saw a few raindrops, but I didn't want to let it bother me. It had been awhile since I had been back to my old favorite park that is so close to home. I've been traveling far away lately, so my favorite park has gone neglected.

I looked to the sky to the west to make sure this was a wise thing for me to do on this day. Even though there was a hint of rain the sky looked as if it was going to clear up. Besides, right after a rainy day is a great time to go to a nature park because that's when nobody else is there.

The sky stayed the same on my way there, but with a few more raindrops on the windshield of my truck. I still thought the rain wouldn't bother me very much. And even if it did, I would be in under the trees. If it began to really rain very much I would be protected as if I had a roof over my head. I would have plenty of time to get out of this smaller hiking park.

It still looked okay as I walked through the forest towards the middle of the park where the fishing platform and the lake waited for me. It had become a little darker, but there was not much more rain falling. I still believed it would end soon.

My only problem now was that the darkening sky was creating even more darkness in the forest, so my camera was laboring to get pictures of anything I tried. Darkness and cameras just don't agree much, especially when there are so many changing shadows.

I still was glad of the long walk through this park. Like I said, it had been awhile since I had been here, and I missed the place. I made a few stops along the way, but I soon made my way the the fishing platform. But that's when it began to rain just a bit.

I saw this rain on the lake as an opportunity to bring you another episode of Rat TV. This shows the gentle rain that began to fall while I was standing there on the wood planks of the fishing platform. Lucky for me that there is a large tree that hangs over the platform and keeps any rain away from that spot.

As I looked on, the rain began to increase a bit. So I decided to wait it out for a few minutes. I went back to the bench and took a seat and put my camera away. I regretted that I wasn't catching this more increased rain, but I wanted to make sure my camera was protected.

After a few more minutes the rain began to slow just a hair, but only just, so I decided it was time to think about leaving. As I walked back up the stairs to leave I thought it was a shame to leave in such a hurry. The rain wasn't getting through the treetops yet, so I decided to walk towards the back of the park instead. I'd be okay.

I walked towards the back as the rain increased again. I now knew I could only go to the back of the forest. There was no way I would go farther because my camera would become too exposed to the elements without the protection of the trees.

I made it to the meadow area in the back, but only to the edge. The rain was coming down too much for me now. I still looked out and saw that they had come and moronically mowed the place! Why would they do such a thing at a nature park? No pictures out here from me though. I was getting wet.

I turned back to the forest and decided it was time to move a little more quickly because not only had the rain increased quite a bit more, but there was now thunder rumbling ever closer. I even began to see a few flashes of lightning. It was time to walk faster. No running yet though because the rain still wasn't getting through, much.

When I got to the small bridge that led to the path leading back to the way out the forest finally couldn't hold the rain out anymore. I had to put the camera under my shirt. There was a lot of rain coming down in here, but I could hear that it was now pouring outside the forest. It was decision making time.

I decided that when I reached the edge of the forest I would have to make a run for it. I didn't mind the rain, but my camera needed to be dry. It was a long way from the forest's edge to the parking lot and my truck, so I was going to have to prepare myself so I wouldn't get too tired. I kept only to a swift walk until then. No more pictures.

I got to the edge and I broke into a fast run all the way to my truck. I felt glad that I could unlock it with the little device on my keychain. I was soaked by the time I reached the truck. Rain was pouring down all around me. As soon as I got into the truck it increased enough that I couldn't see out the windows!

I uncovered the camera from beneath my shirt and saw that it was thankfully mostly dry. I sat there watching the rain begin to flood the area just a little bit. It rained like that for the rest of the day. I left the camera in the truck to keep it dry.

The skies are now sunny and bright. The rains of the past two weeks is finally gone. My camera is fine. But I won't become a fool in the rain again any time soon.

Nature Center Magazine - Emma Springfield has another Nature Site Of The Week for you today. I think you should make sure you see such a great website.


  1. Do bring rain poncho next time in your camera bag Ratty, that is how I always do. Not only protect you from rain but also your camera.

    Thanks Ratty for your friendship and support! It means a lot to me :)

  2. Some of my best photos have come in the dark atmosphere of rainy days. Always worth the trouble, just keep a 1 gallon zip lock bag handy for your camera (or water proof camera case).


  3. It's so much easier to be a fool in the rain without a camera to worry about! Fun story.

  4. The weather has been strange this year, but you're still brave to go into the park..It look dark in there..

  5. There are beauties behind the rain.

    You must have missed them.

  6. A good case is worth its weight in gold. I have been soaked a lot and surpised how good my case was. Spray the outside with tent waterproofing to be safer.To many balk at getting out with a few clouds. I would be in all summer, it has rained too much.I leave a few rainsuits in my van all summer also,hate to drive a long ways and turn around.

  7. You wouldn't be the great everyday adventurer that you are today if you let a little rain keep you from exploring. I like the advice you got from vanilla seven and steve. i'll have to keep that in mind

  8. Everything looks so amazingly green! I'm glad you kept your camera dry - and it sounds like some of the others have good suggestions on how to keep it dry and still shoot during rain!

  9. beautiful pictures, i share your challenge in photographing in the rain and in very dim light, coincidentally, my post today have pictures taken in similar situation too.

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    pick one or two awards from my place if you want,
    enjoy a fun day!

  11. You can never underestimate rain. =D But the place looks great for a leisurely stroll, even in the rain.