Friday, May 14, 2010

Turkey Vultures In Flight

Surprise! The post I brought to you yesterday about turkey vultures was a two parter, even though I didn't tell you at the time. I mentioned then that I had been after some turkey vultures that were flying when I found the ones in the trees. Well, today I'm bringing you those flying pictures.

I do feel obligated to tell you that I brightened up these pictures just a bit. I actually didn't have to change them very much, but I thought it would bring out the detail of the birds just a bit more.

And I also have another episode of Rat TV for you! This is a continuation of yesterday's video. The last thing we saw then was where the turkey vulture flew out of the tree it was perched in. In this video we get to see where the bird went after it got in the air.

They aren't close up this time, but you can see them fly from over the trees. And after circling for a few seconds, they fly off into the horizon. I guess they were done resting because they didn't come back.

The first bird I saw kept flying from one group of trees to another. It would fly over me and into the distance. I thought it was gone about three times when it would fly out of sight, but it always came back. While trying desperately to get more pictures of this bird, my camera decided to pick that time to get stuck. Actually, I hit a wrong button.

But in the meantime I was able to get quite a few more pictures than I thought I had. It's pretty easy to get flustered when you are trying so hard to get pictures of creatures you've never seen before, especially creatures as spectacular as turkey vultures.

You know, when I first heard about turkey vultures, I thought they were maybe just a smaller version of the vultures I already knew about. I never believed there could be such famous creatures where I live. But these are the real thing! These are the ones I always heard about, the vultures that they sometimes make cartoons about. I remember those bald, red heads.

I'm pretty sure that these pictures are from different vultures, but I'm not really sure which ones. They were flying circles around each other, and around me. I guess I could have asked each one to identify itself, but it didn't seem like a good idea at the time.

And I think that will just about do it for my turkey vulture posts, until I see some more. It was fun seeing them and fun sharing them. But I'll have something totally different tomorrow, but just as good. I've been seeing a lot of good things lately.

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  1. these photos are professionally taken,
    very beautiful and enlightening!
    thanks for sharing it.

  2. It's always amazing to me that a bird that size can appear so graceful in flight. Great photos.

  3. Wow! Great shots! Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. I think they were looking for me :)

    Nice set of posts. I almost got some photos the other day of a pair picking at some road kill. But they flew off, circled a while wanting to return but 'traffic' suddenly got busy and they left me sitting on the side of the road.

  5. Great photos Ratty!! I was trying to get some yesterday of them but the sun was at the wrong angle from where I was standing and didn't catch the one that went right over my head.

  6. Yes, they look like the same birds we have here, Ratty...remember the ones I posted on my blog? Their heads are darn right ugly but they are huge and magnificent birds!

  7. It seems like I've been seeing more turkey vultures this year too. I wonder if that is real or just an impression. Nice job.

  8. this time of year I bet you are spoilt for choice on what you should write a post on...I enjoyed seeing the turkey vulture photos...I always just thought vultures were vultures...those you always see in the Disney movies...I never thought about there being different types...thanks ratty!!

  9. Those are impressive photos! You're really making my human want that camera!

  10. A turkey is giant, and a butterlfy is small.

    But when they are in the sky, they look the same, if you refer to the one in a distance.

  11. Though so large they just glide across that sky so effortlessly, it's amazing, really. Great shots and video

  12. Hey Ratty. Been gone a while so just catching up on your posts for the last couple weeks. These are great pictures!