Friday, January 15, 2010

Very Agitated Squirrel

I told myself I was going to stop writing about squirrels for a little while, but how can I pass up an opportunity that almost literally jumped right out at me? It all started when I was walking along my nature trails just like any other day. Suddenly I heard the chatter of an angry squirrel off to my right.

I looked over to see this little guy you see in the picture above. It was chattering away and quickly shaking its tail at me. I've learned that when a squirrel does that it means that it is not at all happy. It was yelling at me to get out of its forest! Did I listen? Of course not! I began taking pictures, just like any other time.

As I was busy with this squirrel, I heard another angry sounding squirrel down the trail from me. I turned back to the left to see it leap onto a big tree and scurry up the trunk to a very high branch, where it proceeded to yell at me with even greater intensity. That's when I put the camera in video mode, so I could bring you this all new episode of Rat TV!

This video is a two parter. When I took the first part, the squirrel was climbing higher into the tree. You can hear a dog barking loudly in the distance. There is a scratchy chirping sound that is more difficult to hear. That is the squirrel yelling at me. The sound of the dog covers it at first.

After the first part of the video, I decided I had to move on. My path took me directly under that tree. I was glad the squirrel was too far up to decide to jump down on me, but I moved past that tree quickly anyway. When I got to the other side, I decided to get some more video, because the light was shining on things a little better from here. That's when it all happened!

As I began recording my video, the squirrel looked at me and came scurrying down the tree! I was sure that it had decided to come after me! It came all the way down the tree, only stopping a few times to look to see where I was. Luckily he decided to call off the fight as he touched the ground. You'll really want to watch this video, it tells the story even better!

I'll be back tomorrow, but I don't know if I can get anything much better than this, can I?

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  1. Looks almost like he's saying, "Aren't you gone yet?" every time he looks at you :o) I can remember hearing a squirrel hiss at a cat when I was growing up - I guess that's what comes after the angry chatter - it is a very creepy sound. Nice job on the video!

  2. I had a friend with a squirrel trouble. He was nice to the squirrel and allows it go. The squirrel returned from about 5 miles away. Squirrels be able to track for twelve miles, so if you don't kill the squirrel (assuming you have one), make sure it is released distant away.

    Best Regards,

  3. Well, Ratty, your squirrel chatter has kept me reading. I think you got to me! We just cut "Wild Ideas...the Podcast" for Jan. 28. As you know, we talk about what we've seen outside recently.
    I've been noticing and enjoying squirrels more than I think I ever have! So, I talk a little about the ones we have the most here, Gray Squirrels. That leads to a discussion of terms of venery. Hope you enjoy hearing about them—I'm enjoying reading about them!

  4. It is a squirrel, I mean, that behaves like the monkey over here.

    The more you look at him, the more he will feel like being challenged.

    You run away, he run even faster than you.

    Hehehehehehe... better be careful.

  5. Good thing you and the squirrel didn't have to duke it out! That rodent sounded pretty determined. I was laughing pretty hard at this whole event.

  6. Great video of the squirrel. He sure didn't like you being in his forest. But squirrels are always scolding something. I have never heard of a squirrel coming after a human being. I don't think that they would do that. The squirrels here are always scolding the cats around here. And they love to eat the bird seed out of the feeders.

  7. Good video Ratty, though he looks a little too aggressive for my liking.

  8. Great video Ratty!! But I don't think he was barking at you. He seems to be scared of something else around there. All mine will run up the tree at the slightest danger but never because of humans out there.

  9. That's a very chubby squirrel. He indeed look unrest somehow. Great video :) I heard a dog barking too in the background?

  10. The video is great Ratty, you got some good footage. I don't think you are in any danger, something else seems to be agitating this little fellow. I would be looking around to see what else is in the woods with you.

    I wonder what they call a person who specializes in the study of squirrels. You know like a bird person is an Ornithologist, maybe a Squirreliogist? OK, too squirrely sorry! When you get a chance check out my new header on Squirrel Eyes. The poor little fellow saw someone walking a dog and just froze, then he looked at me like I should make it go away.

    I really thought by now someone would ask about the game?

  11. I really hate it when humans compare me to squirrels, but I must confess, that angry guy has a coat that is quite a bit like mine! But he was seriously grouchy, which I am not.

  12. Thanks for all of your great comments for my squirrely post. I'm still holding my ongoing comment game, even though only one person out of all of you seems to be taking the opportunity to play this one. The game has been mostly a way for me to try to bring a few of your blogs to the attention of the other readers. I'm not sure how often I'll continue the game, but I will continue it again today. For the game today, the word is "Complicated". Just mention this word in the comments of my next post and I'll most likely continue the little prize I've been giving. There's only one question today, so I'll answer that one for now.

    The squirrels may have been upset by that barking dog, but I was the only other creature there, and they were both looking at me.

    Maybe they call a person who studies squirrels a sciuriologist, or just Ratty.

    I thought I would have a few other contestants for the game too, but I guess it's an automatic loss for those who don't play.

    I've met a few grouchy cats before. As a matter of fact, I've been bitten by a few cats, but no squirrels. And while no squirrel has ever bitten me, no cat has ever threatened me like a few squirrels have.

  13. I missed what is going on with your game because I was traveling and behind in my reading.
    Your squirrel did seem to be coming after you! Be careful!