Thursday, January 7, 2010

The Power Of Flight

I have something fun for you today. Well, I think they're fun every day, but this one was fun for me to get. I'm bringing you a flock of robins that were taking an opportunity to get themselves a wintertime meal in some small trees. The fun part is that some of them are in various stages of flight!

First, I think this is similar to a post I wrote a few days ago called, The Birds. They both include several shadowy photos of birds flocking in barren trees. The difference is that this time these birds were only a few feet away from me. One almost flew into me!

There is a main trail that leads into the forest where these robins like to gather. It seems that there is plenty of food for them in and around the trees here. I've seen other birds here as well, but mostly robins. Robins on the ground, robins in the air, and robins in the trees.

When I was on my way back to the front of the park, I encountered this noisy flock of robins gathered in the trees here. They were flying around back and forth. Some were staying on the same branches for several minutes before moving on, and some would only stay for seconds at a time.

When I saw that the flock wasn't going to leave just yet, I decided to take my time and get the best examples of them in their back and forth flight as I could. The only regrets were that I wish the lighting was better, and I wish I would have remembered to get some video.

Sometimes pictures are the best way to show some things though. Showing a bird frozen in flight can only be done with a photograph. No video can capture that long enough for you to sit there and study the pattern of the wings and the shape of the bird like a photo can.

This whole thing was really tricky for me while I was out there, because I was trying to move in as close as I could while trying to keep them from flying away or dropping little birdy bombs on me. It was still a fun experience, even with that last risk.

When I decided to finally leave them there, I had to walk directly under the whole flock. I pulled the hood of my coat up over my head, and then hunched over to look at the ground as I quickly made my way through that awful gauntlet. I'm happy to report that none of them even tried to get me with their little homing missiles.

With that final thought, I'll leave you for today!


  1. When you write Robin continuosly, I thought I see Robin Hood.

    Where is he? Is he flying?

  2. What fun! Glad you didn't get attacked by any missiles! Never a good thing.

    Happy Thursday,

  3. It's odd you have so many Robins around in the winter. There is never any to be seen here. I love Robins. Watch out for that raining "poop". Ha! Ha! Great photos Ratty!! Love to capture birds in flight. It's hard sometimes.

  4. What a beautiful photos you've taken ratty.
    They are look like paintings. Chinese paintings.
    Thank God you've escaped their homing missiles! :D

  5. I love the photos Ratty! They are like Chinese paintings, indeed..

  6. It's like a robin convention there! Amazing that you made it through the gauntlet in pristine condition, Ratty! Your collection of photographs must be in the thousands by now!

  7. It's true! The wings stopped in flight are one of the neat things about still photos. Good stuff. The worst of the bombs is that they are spreading more of that stupid buckthorn around

  8. How great that you got to visit Robins this time of year...they are long gone from our frozen north now. I love downloading my shots from my camera to discover that I have "trapped" one in flight...I love having the luxury of looking at their wingspans frozen for all time in the photo.

  9. That's pretty cool to have robins out there this time of year and I'm glad you made it through without any "missile" mishaps :D

  10. I think it's great that your robins stay all winter, ours migrated long ago. Great photos, the in flight shots are super. They really like that tree, what kind is it?