Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Game - Can You Find The Squirrel?

I have a new guessing game for you! Since the last two games, I've mentioned that I wanted to make the next one just a little bit harder. This one may just be it. There is a squirrel somewhere in this photo above. Can you find the squirrel? Do you see it? The challenge for today's game is to find the squirrel. This game is kind of a two parter, so read the whole post!

Here is what you need to do. Do whatever you can to find where the squirrel is in the picture. Then, in the comments section, describe where you see it, in the best way you can. It's that simple. As always, even if another person has already guessed the same, you can still make your guess; similar guesses are always welcome. You can also make more than one guess, just do it in separate comments so none of the rest of us are confused.

As most of you already know, I never promise prizes for my games. But sometimes if the list of winners is short enough, I'll post the names and website links of the winners on my solution post.

I do have one definite thing I want to do this time. Many of you know that I like to write strange things sometimes. Here is the second part of the game. It will be a little contest. I want you to give the strangest, most bizarre description you can of where this squirrel might be. For example, "The squirrel is floating above the ground, head high to a buffalo, in a piece of Swiss cheese." This part of the game doesn't have to be a correct answer. The winner of this part will definitely get a link on my solution post tomorrow. I'll also publish the winning comment for this. I'm using a child as the judge, so keep your descriptions clean.

This is important: Keep your strange description and your normal one in a separate comment, if they are different.You can enter either one or both parts of the game.

This is a chance to show how creative you can be as a writer. I urge everyone to read all of the other comments this time because I'm hoping there will be some very fun stuff in there. Normal non-contest comments are welcome here as well. See you all in the comments!


  1. Though you are tall enough, but I do not think you are good enough to locate a squirrel high up the trees.
    Since you are an amateur like me, your focus point must be normal at the center of the picture.

    So where is the squirrel?

    It is there stretching its head out from the computer screen, saying hello to me.

    It climbs from the first exclimation mark in your post, to the tree above the mark, slowly and teasingly, until one third of this tree and stops.
    He is there shaking its legs, waiting for us.

  2. The tree on the far right in the foreground, near the bottom. The squirrel has his nose pointed down.

    "Chitter, chitter, round and round, first he goes up then he goes down. Moving so fast he's hard to be found even with his nose just above the ground. No attention he gives to you or to me but he's keeping an eye on the Yeti behind that tree."

  3. oooooh I do so love to rhyme, so I will follow SquirrelQueen's lead this time:

    He has disguised himself most brilliantly,
    High above and left on the middle tree.

    A clever little bump,
    Or is it a lump?

    He might be working under cover,
    Watching you, as there is no other.

    Could he be Homeland Security,
    or maybe just a wannabe?

    My guessing here appears to be done,
    and thank you for this morning's fun! :o)

  4. I zoom in and I zoom out,
    I can see the squirrel near the bottom ground
    He is prancing around and about
    The everyday adventure chases him and shouts:
    "Stop, stop, I'll make you a superstar of my blog,
    With no money but lots of loving snaps!"

  5. Some brilliant comments here :-)

    The squirrel is close to the top of the big tree in the middle, poking his head out to the left.

  6. Well I am not a poet, just a simple animal person, but my guess is that the squirrel is in the tree lined up with the e in the word 'game' in the first sentence. But the other guess were wonderful.

  7. Straight ahead and up that center tree, peeking out from behind it on the left. Cute!!!

  8. Oh my, I think he left your woods and came over to join my squirrels--but me thinks I see him pointing nose down up in the far left upper corner...it's the best I can do..this was really hard!

  9. I think he is high in the tree in the middle of the picture, on the big tree behind the skinny one, peeking out on the left of the tree trunk.

  10. Now for the nonsense one:

    He caught an orb floating in the sky,
    which looked like a snowflake to you and I.

    But we all know an orb is a spirit in disguise
    He is one heavenly little guy.

    So let him float amongst the trees
    Let hope he doesn't freeze his knees.

    Because Ratty needs to see him soon,
    For another blogpost to make us swoon.

  11. For real- I made it big and used a magnifying glass, and the only squirrelish thing I see is about a third of the way up the angled tree just left of center.

  12. Bareback riding on the forward-looking thin guy striding through the winter woods, Mr. Foxy Squirrel tried hard to feign concern over the possibility that his fair steed would be unable to deliver him to work on time. His real concern was that the impromptu ride would be incautious on the ice and he would spill his latte grande from the corner Starnuts.

  13. Hm… my sharp feline eye spies the prey peeking out camera left from the center tree (the one underneath the "S" in Squrrel), about a fourth of the way down from the top of the frame. Or maybe a fifth of the way down - in any case, he's pretty high up. And it's too cold for me to wait and see if it is, in fact, a squirrel and if he's going to come down close enough for me to catch, so I'm off to find easier prey.

    Since I'm a cat, I don't do strange and bizarre - at least not verbally, although my actions have been referred to as strange and bizarre on occasion. So I'll leave the creative writing to you humans while I go off and do something more interesting, like capture and consume a cricket or two.

  14. It seems to me, he's watching,
    From the "v" of that barren tree,
    Making sure we don't intrude,
    On his quiet serenity.