Thursday, January 21, 2010

Black Squirrel Twilight Zone

This is not a cat with a fluffy tail.

I have an amazing story to tell you! It's about something I hinted at a few days ago, and I'm still having trouble believing what happened. I mentioned in my nonsense story about nature park computer problems that I saw a very large amount of black squirrels that day. That part was the complete truth! Let me explain exactly what happened.

I had been on my way back out of the nature park that fateful day when I saw my second gray squirrel in a week. This one was towards the front of the park where the black squirrels live. While I made my futile attempt to get a picture of him, I saw a black spot in a tree off in the distance near the entrance trail of the park.

When it became obvious that the gray squirrel was gone, I moved closer to maybe get a picture or two of the little black squirrel. As I got closer I realized that there was another black squirrel just below the first. Almost as soon as I saw the second one, a third one came into view on the same tree! I idly thought I had a great opportunity to get a picture with three black squirrels at the same time.

But before I even lifted my camera all hell broke loose!

Every black spot here is a black squirrel.

All of a sudden black squirrels boiled out of that tree by the dozens! There had to be at least thirty squirrels, but maybe much more. They seemed to be everywhere! It was all happening so fast that I didn't know what to do! They turned the tree black with their huge numbers as they all scurried down to the ground as one! They hit the ground running, and they scattered in every direction!

I have to tell you now, with so many of those squirrels running right for me, that this is the only time I have ever been truly afraid out there. I've had close encounters with many animals now, but I've never seen anything like this! It all happened so fast that I just dumbly stood there with my camera at my side. I was too confused to do anything else!

Squirrels were running across the path right in front of me, and I just stood there watching! When I began to come back to my senses, I thought about moving in closer, but with their sheer numbers I thought it might be unwise. They seemed completely unconcerned by my presence there. I finally remembered to attempt to put some of it on video.

This latest episode of Rat TV shows only a small amount of the black squirrels that were running around out there. These were about a half dozen of the squirrels that ran across the hiking path in front of me. They were running around in the trees and shrubs at the side of the path.

This is my longest video yet, but it's well worth it. Not only does it show why they are out there, but it also features the first ever appearance of my own voice! I initially didn't want that part in the video, but it shows my utter awe at seeing so many of these creatures. Then after that, there's the ridiculous sound of my breathing as the camera is being held up next to my face on that cold winter day. After all of that, you will be able to hear the chirping sounds of the squirrels.

These two squirrels are heavily featured in the video. You can tell from this one picture why they were all out there. It seems as if at least one of these two is in love. Can you guess which one? I think you might also be able to guess why by looking very closely at the hind end of the upper squirrel. That must be drawing that little fella like a magnet.

When this was all over with I noticed that the squirrels had run in every direction. They seemed to come out of that tree in an organized pattern, like a swat team, or maybe like clowns coming out of a small car. Some stayed close, while others ran off deep into the forest. One thing was certain though. They all seemed to be in one huge mating frenzy.

I really wish I could have caught that black mass of squirrels on camera, but I at least got this small sample. I'm still having trouble telling you what a strange and unique experience it all was. I watched some of these squirrels running off into the distance as if they were infiltrating the entire park. Some of them were still very close, but I knew it was time for me to leave. I really had the feeling that I had found my way into the middle of a strange horror movie, and I didn't think I really liked that at all.

Let me know your opinions on all of this. This is not just a cheap plea for comments. I really want to know what you think! I was left confused and shocked by the whole thing. I think that's it for this very strange story.

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  1. Ratty I think you can be forgiven for freezing on the spot, I would have done the same. A fast moving black army heading towards me might have sent me scurrying up one of the trees myself. Watching the video I can see the squirrels can sure move their tails pretty damn fast.

  2. It is like when you switching on the light, everybody shout to you, "Happy Birthday!"

    So, it might be your birthday. Check it out.

  3. Wow! Way cool! Here at The Wilderness Center, we do often teach that "squirrel mating season is winter" but I've never actually gotten to see any evidence. Thanks!

    But I don't really understand why you were left confused and shocked. Of course (although I really wish I had been), I wasn't there...

  4. What surprises me is the number of (apparently) males in the same vicinity as one (? all chasing one) female. This is awesome. I've never seen something like this. I missed your contest, because you hadn't added the magic word before I posted last night.

  5. i really enjoyed that video! it must be fun to watch all the action in the "wild". have a wonderful day my friend...hugz!

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  7. I don't blame you for being a little afraid. But that does sound amazing that all those squirrels came out at once. I have trouble believing that there was only one female. Glad you got that video. Great pictures. And I would guess that now you are glad you were there to see that craziness.

  8. Seeing all those squirrels I think I would have high tailed it out of there. Although I can imagine that it must have been amazing to see

  9. It's mating season here too and sometimes there will be five squirrels after one female. They get the females cornered in my rock wall sometimes and she will cry and cry. She doesn't want all of them. Just one..LOL I watch them all day here doing the same thing. Horny little devils! Ha!

  10. Yes,this is the time of year that squirrels you saw a male convention where they were betting on who got the female..and you came upon the breaking up of the convention where the decision was made and they began chasing the female to get her to agree.....
    Good thing you were a male, or things could have gotten A LOT more dangerous for you...hahahaaa

  11. It sounds like you interrupted some insane squirrel orgy! Those creatures do seem to have some odd mating habits... not too much unlike feral cats, actually.

  12. A great post and video Ratty...I never knew the noise the squirrel made (or you for that matter)...thoroughly enjoyed this post!!

  13. I saw lot of black squirrels lately around my area, and trying to take a picture of the three that chasing each other, but mine didn't turn out as good as yours..

  14. That would have been an amazing sight to see, no reason to be nervous just enjoy the show. Love the video.