Thursday, September 17, 2009

Zombie Chickens Are After Me

I have a little bit of business today that's long overdue! There have been some Zombie Chickens after me, and there is only one way to stop their evil rampage. I have to pass on the curse to somebody else. My friend John from English Wilderness and Make Nothing Online was their last victim, and he got rid of them by passing this evil curse on to me.

As you may have guessed, this is actually an award, but with a very cool concept, zombie chickens! Here's John's post about it: The Zombie Chicken Award: Origin And Nominations

Check out John's post. Not only does he have his own cool and unique take on the award, he has also done something nobody in the history of blog awards has ever done before. John actually turned into Sherlock Holmes, and hunted down the origins of this award! It's a fun read where you get to find out just a little bit about how these things get started. Go see for yourself, and leave him a comment telling him that I sent you.

Now for what the Zombie Chicken Award is all about:

The blogger who receives this award believes in the Tao of the zombie chicken - excellence, grace and persistence in all situations, even in the midst of a zombie apocalypse. These amazing bloggers regularly produce content so remarkable that their readers would brave a raving pack of zombie chickens just to be able to read their words. As a recipient of this world-renowned award, you now have the task of passing it on to at least 5 other worthy bloggers. Do not risk the wrath of the zombie chickens by choosing unwisely or not choosing at all...

I don't want to incur the wrath of the zombie chickens, but I've been chased by more frightening things than zombies in the past, so I give this award(curse) to any of you brave souls who would like to accept the challenge of the Zombie Chickens, and relieve me of this burden. If you want it, say so in the comments of this post. You can also comment on anything else about it too without incurring their diabolical wrath. Go ahead and accept this challenge! Or are you a chicken too?


  1. I have a tough time with accepting awards just because I want 'em. But CONGRATS!

  2. I've never seen this award before. How hilarious is that? Now I have to go find out the origins of this strange zombie chicken thing...

  3. Sharkbytes - I have a tough time with 'em too. It took me over a week to do this one, and it was one of the fun ones.

    Icy BC - Thank you very much!

    JStantonChandler - It's the first time I've seen it too. It's a fun concept.

  4. Hi Ratty,
    Congrats on the award, it is a different one but cute. I just finished catching up on awards myself so I'll pass for now, maybe later.
    Hmm, does this mean you will remain under the curse?

  5. SquirrelQueen - I think I might still be under the curse. I can handle a few zombie chickens though. I've dealt with a lot worse things than that before. :)