Saturday, August 1, 2009

The Chipmunk Is Found

In yesterday's game I asked you t0 find the chipmunk. I tried to trick you into thinking there were more than one, but there was only one chipmunk and you all did very good in finding it. I circled where the chipmunk is located in red so you will know for sure where it is. You can click the picture to see it better.

I want to thank everybody who played the game. I hope you had fun. This one was probably the easiest one I've done so far. I'll make the next one a little more challenging, but not too much. That should increase the fun just a little bit.

Now I want to list all of the participants up to this point, along with links to their blogs if they have them. If you aren't on the list yet, and you guessed before I posted the answer, I'll add you as soon as I can. Please everybody click on some of these names, especially the ones you don't know, and take a look at their blogs. You might find a very good new friend.

Mountain Woman
Icy BC

Unseen Rajasthan
Shinade aka Jackie
Poetic Shutterbug
Rose Ragai

These are all of the participants. Some have more than one blog, but I've only put one in their links. You can find the others yourself. Please go visit at least one or two unfamiliar names. You'll be very happy you did. Some of these are among my oldest internet friends, and some I am just getting to know, and they all have excellent blogs.

Now on to some good pictures of the very same chipmunk that was so kind as to be the subject of this little contest. Since I already gave you a lot to read, and more if you go to some of these other blogs, I won't torture you with a big story this time. I'll just show you the pictures of this friendly little chipmunk that I promised.

Thanks everybody!


  1. Lol, you always be a chipmunk expert Ratty. Looking forward for new games!

    Now go out and enjoy your weekend :)

  2. Have fun!! And the series of pictures on chipmunk is great. It is so cute.

  3. Wow...the close-up pictures of this chipmunk are so clear! He is so cute!

  4. oh i missed the contest yesterday :(

    went with my niece to the ocean and we got lost since the fishes led us astray :(

    the pictures of the chipmunk are so adorable, you are really a dear friend to them that is why they give you their adorable poses each time (here and in your other posts)

  5. Oh he's such a cute little guy and thanks for sending Julia by my blog I got the chance to return the visit and meet a great new writer, much appreciated.

  6. Those are excellent pictures, Ratty! Thanks for posting a link to my humble little blog :) I appreciate it, friend.

    Enjoy your weekend!


  7. Your wish is my command. I took a side trip to the Squirrel Queen and now have to ponder about a frog and how to stay cool.

    Rodents Rule
    Ratty Reigns

  8. Hi Ratty! I had an experience that made me think of your site, so I had to drop by and the Chipmunk fits right in with it. I rescued a Squirrel! I was parked at a gas station and heard something rustling out by the car. I found a Squirrel with its upper body stuck inside an old Slurpee cup with one of those plastic domes. I picked it up, pulled him out by the tail and set him down. He starred up at me bewildered and then took off, it was pretty cool. Take care my friend! Keep up the adventures!

  9. fabulous pictures ratty of this cute little guy.

    i just want to thank you for all of your kind words on my blog. it does mean a lot to me.

  10. Good game..I missed it but hope to join the next one :)

  11. Ratty, that was a fun game and I'm looking forward to the next one. The close-ups of the chipmunk are great, he is so cute.

    Thanks for mentioning my blog. I will visit some of the others you listed.

    Have a great day,

  12. Aren't they the cutest little things!! Great close ups of him Ratty! Thanks for mentioning me and putting a link in. Have a nice Sunday!

  13. Still trying to catch up on everything. Thanks to all of you who visited some of the sites on the list. Thanks for playing the game. There will be more like this for those of you who missed it.

    That was a good story about the squirrel, Scott.