Friday, November 7, 2008

Solution To Guess Where The Squirrel Is - And A Winner

Here is the solution to my game, Guess Where The Squirrel Is.

As you can see, the squirrel is marked by a red circle. It's at the right of the base of the big tree. It was trying to hide behind the tree, but it poked it's head out to spy on me. That's when I caught it with the camera.

It might have been a little hard to see it in this picture, but if it was easy it wouldn't be a good game. At least four people saw it, and maybe a lot more did. So there it is, pretty simple. I said I wouldn't post the solution until I had either ten guesses or we had a correct guess. Well, there is a winner.

Now for the winner. The first person to give the location of the squirrel was Serica. Serica is obviously very intelligent and perceptive! I'll give Serica the title of "Greatest Of The Week". Out of all the people who looked and the few who had the guts to guess, Serica is the champ. Good going to Serica. Serica didn't leave a link to a website or anything to maybe promote, so I'll just say again how wonderful Serica is for guessing correctly.

And now I'd like to give some honorable mentions to some other people who commented, since it was the comments that I was looking for in the first place. So here we go.

The first one is Mimmylynn, who did indeed know where it was, but didn't give the location, since that would've been cheating. Another one with no website.

The second commenter was WiseAcre of WiseAcre Gardens. WiseAcre found it right away, but was kind enough to try and help me get a few more comments, so he didn't reveal the location. Check out his site, it has great nature photos in combination with one of the best senses of humor on the web.

The third comment, but first official guess was by Anonymous, only name given. This person I think might have known, but I'm not sure. Only gave a clue, but deserves thanks for the comment.

Next up was Scott McQueen who made a good guess, and has a blog called Just A Thought... It's a website about his thoughts about life, and his faith in God. Take a look, you might just like what you see.

Finally, of course there is Serica, the winner, who I mentioned just a little bit already. Again, good going Serica.

There are other commenters on some of my other posts, and I check any website they have if they leave me a path. So far they're all great sites, and I urge anyone to go have a look.

This was a fun game for me, and I only wish the squirrel could have watched. He liked to play, I was only helping him. Who knows, maybe squirrels have the internet. Nah, that would be nuts.

Until next time, The Everyday Adventurer signing off.


  1. Congratulations to the winner. With my eyes I did well to see the big tree, but I tried. It was a great picture.

  2. Hi A.J., I had so much fun with this game, that there will be more. I'll try to come up with some different ideas along with this type, so others who had trouble with this one, might do a little better with another.