Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hot N Ready...In 15 Minutes

I decided to get pizza over the weekend, so I went to Little Caesars on 11 Mile Rd. and Middlebelt in Farmington Hills. I asked for a couple of their Hot N Ready pizzas. The ones that are supposed to be ready when you get there. I wasn't surprised when they said it'd be about 10 minutes. I don't eat pizza that often in recent years, but this place, about half the time I go, doesn't seem to have anything ready. Well I waited their 10 minutes, and still nothing. Finally after 15, the pizzas were hot and ready. I don't like to complain too much if they're being polite, which they were, but I'm tired of things like this not being as they're advertised. I'm sure Little Caesars Enterprises, Inc. didn't intend for things to happen like this, and probably doesn't even know. There could be all sorts of reasons this continues to happen, but you would think they would fix it after a while. Maybe I'll try Domino's next time.

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