Friday, March 8, 2019

Doggy Jail!

No, Delilah didn't really do anything wrong. I just thought it looked funny for her to be in there looking kind of sad. Actually, she just likes it in there. And the door is open. If you look to the left in the picture you can see the open door a little bit. She goes in and out of there all the time.

I will confess that I do sometimes lock her in there. This is where she stays when I have to go somewhere without her. She really hates that. I'm not sure if she cries the whole time I'm gone, but she starts when I put on my coat, and I hear her when I get back from my trip. Poor puppy!

Isabella had the run of the house whenever I went away. But she was an older dog and she had learned much more discipline than Delilah has had a chance to learn yet. This is for Delilah's own safety. And it's a big cage. It originally belonged to Isabella who was half Great Dane.
Delilah is very intelligent. I house trained her in 3 days. Also in that time, I taught her to sit on command, and also to sit patiently at the door to get her chain put on her so she can go outside. That is what she's doing in the picture above. It also took me about 5 minutes to teach her to give me her paw on command. She does all of these things almost every time.

I'm currently working on teaching her to lie down on command. This one is a little harder because she is so active. She never wants to stop. She'll eventually get it though. I teach her all of these things without giving her treats of any kind. I just use kindness and praise. Treats are the cheap way of teaching. And I think ordinary repetition works better in the end.

Okay, since this has temporarily become a dog blog, I'll share Delilah's first trip to the vet in my next post. No pictures from there though. There is a very good reason we haven't gone to a nature park yet. My next post will reveal that reason. I will talk to you later!


  1. awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww

    so sweet

  2. She is adorable. And it sounds like there’s a lot of fun in store for you two.

  3. Crate training is very good for dogs and they LIKE it. It probably is the best thing that you can do for your dog so that she has a place where she can feel safe. Imagine letting a 2-year old child walk around your house when you are not home....doesn't make much sense, does it? You are keeping her safe and she will be a much more confident dog because of it. We actually always put kittens or a new cat in a small room of their own (bathroom) when we first get them. It helps them feel safe. Good job, Ratty!

  4. Usually they like that security. Hate to come home to abandonment terrors

  5. Crate training is the best way to good. Most dogs end up liking their crates and will spend time in them voluntarily. She sounds like a good girl and a quick learner

  6. Delilah is really cute! And she does sound exceptionally intelligent! I will guess that she can't go to a nature park until she gets a full round of vaccines.

  7. Delilah is adorable and will grow up to be a wonderful companion I'm sure...made me realise when I saw the pictures how much I miss our Trojan...but we have Polly and she is beautiful, attentive and well behaved...we were like you...purely praise based training...that way they are learning because they want the attention from you and not just for food...also means people can't lure them away.

    We have a crate for polly...we intended to get rid of it once she was older but she now won't go to bed for the night with the door open...when she's had enough of the evening she will take herself to bed and if you haven't been and closed the door within about 10 minutes she comes and gets's so cute!!