Sunday, March 24, 2019

Delilah And The Vet

I almost didn't get this post written this week. I get obsessed with my business so much sometimes that I forget everything else. This can last for several weeks at a time. Making money is really fun. Other than this little mention, I try to keep my business stuff separate from my blog. That's why I seem so secretive about it. Trust me, it's for your own good.

But what I came here to talk about today is my dog, again. What else can I talk about here on The Everyday Adventurer Dog Blog? I promised to tell you about her little trip to the vet, so here I go.

Delilah needed her last puppy shots so we had to go. She also had a little trouble with diarrhea and going a little too often, even for a puppy. She got her shots and some precautionary worm medicine. She took it very well. Not even a flinch.

I talked to the vet about her other problem, so he gave me some antibiotics to give to her. I'm glad to say that her diarrhea is cured and she isn't going so often anymore. She seems just fine now. But there is another awful related problem.

When the poor little dog is afraid, she poops like a horse, constantly. And she doesn't like to ride in the truck yet. I've tried to take her on three trips so far, and none have gone well at all. My truck smelled like the worst part of an outhouse for a few days until I had it very thoroughly cleaned.

So Delilah isn't going to any nature parks until I can get this situation figured out. The first thing I have done is to buy a giant roll of plastic to lay down in the back of the truck if she has to go with me. That will work for any future accidents. But I have to help her feel better about riding.

In just two days from now, Delilah is going back to the vet to get spayed. She's going to hate it. But mostly because she can't stand for me to be out of her sight for more than a few seconds. Another thing we'll have to fix.

Other than these little problems, she is doing very well. I have now taught her to fetch a ball properly, and she knows the trick of roll over. She also has begun to grow very fast. She's twice as big as she was when I got her. See if you can tell the size difference in my new pictures. Her ears are also both standing up now.

This last picture is from last week, so only one ear is up. I just didn't have any more new pictures and I like this one. You can also see her new blue collar. I had to get her this one because the collar she came with had become too small. It can be adjusted much bigger than it is now.

And now on an unrelated note. I was dealing with a new computer keyboard for a while. It was a terrible keyboard. I kept making typing errors while using it because the keys were too close together. I finally got another new one that is much better. It is a Logitech Wave keyboard. This one is a pleasure to use.

My next post will hopefully be in a few days after Delilah gets spayed. We'll see how she's doing. I can't promise anything because I really do get obsessed with business. I love that and blogging so much that sometimes I think of one or the other and little else. So I will be back as soon as I can, and I'll talk to you later.


  1. She is a beautiful dog. Hope she is adapted to the truck soon.

  2. I hope Delilah grows out of her pooping issue - sometimes that happens. You just need to be patient and keep working with her. But I'm sure you know that already!

  3. Hi Ratty, glad you got Delilahs diarrhoea sorted out!!
    How old is she now??
    We had issues with Polly travelling in the gave her real bad anxiety....fortunately she didn't poo but she had very bad wind and frothed at the mouth. She now rides in the front of the car as opposed to the back with a harness and seatbelt and is as happy as anything....even as she has got older she won't travel in the front...maybe this is something you can try??
    I'm sure her op will go well...for us it was keeping Polly quiet so that she wouldn't pull her stitches...she only felt poorly for a day and trying to keep a springer spaniel quiet for several weeks is not an easy thing!!

  4. Delilah is such a pretty girl. I've never had too much of a problem with anxiety issues in any of my dogs but I hear there are pills that can calm them. Maybe it could help her for when you have to ride in the car.

  5. She is a beauty! I am glad she is feeling better and I think you can work through the car-ride thing. Maybe smaller trips at a time to get her used to it? I'm sure there is training info online that can help you and her with the separation anxiety.

    Don't apologize for the dog posts--we LOVE them!

  6. Have the vet show how to wrap that lazy ear to make it stand better.

  7. oh how my GSD had it's quirks. As does my current mix.